Holi is a festival for all – children, adults, rich, not-so-rich and all. It is a day to celebrate the triumph of good over evil, the day we celebrate the eternal love of Radha and Krishna. It is celebrated to welcome spring and marks the beginning of spring harvest. The celebrations begin the previous night with a ritual called Holika Dahan where one prays to destroy the evil in them. The next morning is celebrated as Holi where people smear each other with colours.

However, it is not all joy and colours for all people. People and children coming from challenging socio-economic backgrounds see their lives to be filled only with black and white. We can potentially add colours into their lives on this Holi 2021.

How can you brighten up their lives?
As the famous saying goes, ‘A little bit of kindness goes a long way.’
Shower your kindness on people this Holi, celebrate it by providing support. The best way to bring change in their lives is by donating to non-profit organisations that take care of their necessities and requirements. This Holi, join The Akshaya Patra Foundation to make a positive impact on the lives of people.

akshaya patra kitchen
akshaya patra kitchen

Celebrate this Holi by feeding children
Celebrate the goodness that resides in you by providing mid-day meals to children with Akshaya Patra. With your contribution of ₹1100, one child from a Government and Government-aided school will receive nutritious meals every single day of that academic year. The meals provided by this NGO takes care of the nutritional levels of school children coming from challenging backgrounds. By cyclically providing locally palatable meals, the organisation ensures that children enjoy their meals and the wastage is reduced.

Here are a few stories of children who love Akshaya Patra’s food

stories of children

13-year-old Shyaali dreams of becoming a dentist. She works very hard in class and has become sharper after consuming Akshaya Patra’s meals. She says that she skips breakfast so that she can savour the mid-day meals that day. She adds further saying, “If I eat breakfast and leave home, I feel I am not doing justice to the food provided.” She is grateful for the meals that are served in her school every single day.

stories of children

Raju is a 14-year-old boy from Silvassa Municipal School. Akshaya Patra’s meals have inspired him to become a Chef. He loves the fact that one single dish has many recipes to it so that the children don’t get bored of eating the same food and ultimately waste it.

By contributing to Akshaya Patra and supporting the Mid-Day Meal Programme, you help in mitigating classroom hunger, improving focus and attention span of children, reducing school dropout rates and increasing school attendance rate.

To make an online donation to feed mid-day meal beneficiaries, click here.

Celebrate this Holi by feeding homeless mothers
The non-profit organisation is feeding women who have lost their husbands. With the #FeedTheHomelessMothers Programme, it feeds a thousand women every day.
A moderately active woman should consume 1,800-2,200 calories a day.
But women who are surviving without their husbands, do not intake so many calories. To support such women, hot and nutritious meals are provided to help them survive and ward off diseases. Each meal is priced at ₹11.15 and is fed to a thousand of them living at ashrams and other centres.

akshaya patra works
akshaya patra works

Celebrate this festival of Holi by smearing colours on your friends and family, but don’t forget to provide meals to these people during your celebrations. Feed nutritious meals with Akshaya Patra and change lives every day!

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