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Blog to Feed a Child by The Akshaya Patra Foundation is now live!

First ImageWe believe writing is a powerful tool to create awareness. Above all, your view can help us expand our thoughts! Write and get your opinion heard to thousands of individuals through our platform.Got any thoughts on hunger, education, or food security? You can pen it down for Akshaya Patra.

Second ImageIf you need any help in deciding a topic, please feel free to get in touch with us at Remember, you will be given full credit for your work! That’s right. You will get a byline! So go ahead, dust off your desk, open that empty scroll and ink your thoughts down!

We request you to submit your articles at with the subject format as:
‘Guest Blog: Topic + Author Name’ and we will publish it on this site.

Writing GuidelinesTo see older articles, search under category: #BlogToFeedAChild

We thank you for making a difference!

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  1. well ,There is a will,there is a way!!!! Regarding the food and education issue ,it is true that both of these are the basic and genuine requirement of a child.I appreciate those NGOs ,who are working for the welfare of such children and underprivileged people.Now the days are old when the power of Non Governmental Organisation was not sufficient to full-fill their dreams.Indian government has made many changes in the fund policies ,which are also beneficial for NGOs.I daily heard news about the success of NGOs mission and really appreciate them by heart.Corporates are also taking interest in social activities.This all is going to be in favour of NGOs work and activity.

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