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We believe that the world is full of people ready to provide their support for a noble cause; the only hitch being availability of an opportunity. So, here we bring you the opportunity to get involved and also encourage members of your network to associate with our cause. We invite all bloggers to help us get connected to the sea of enthusiastic and generous supporters through the creative medium of blogging.

How will it all work?
As avid bloggers, you will certainly have your personal blog site. All you have to do is promote our cause either by providing a link to our website or by putting our banners in your blog space. Also, share our cause on the social media platforms you are an active member of. By doing so, you will help us get connected to your network of associates.

How will it benefit you?
You will have your name, photograph and blog site name published in ‘Our Referral Supporters’ section. This will potentially increase the visibility of your blog site too. Alongside, you also become a vital link in the chain of Change-makers.

This is a mutually beneficial association for a cause that feeds the future of India.

You too can be a part of our journey or refer a friend. Send Mail the details to join us: Name, Blog/ Website URL, and About Blog

Some of those who supported us and made a difference

Name: Tina Basu
Blog / website Url: 
About blog: Tina Basu – Being Real not Perfect – is a lifestyle blog about the good things in life – style, travel, home, parenting and a good dose of fiction.
There’s no formula for being perfect – but the best part is keeping it real.

Name: Ashish B
Blog / website
About blog: A multi niche blog; contains write ups on social/health/environmental awareness, and poetry.
Their thoughts about Akshaya Patra: I wrote about Akshaya Patra because I want to see every impoverished parent to send their children to school. I believe that my education is of no purpose if I do not use it for a noble cause. I was delighted when I got a chance to help Akshaya Patra to spread a word about their motto in my circle. With more helping hands, the dream to eradicate hunger will no longer be just a dream.

Blog / website Url:
About blog: This blog is about  Travel/ Lifestyle/ Reviews .The blog is a medium to share her varied travel experiences with thousands of readers across the globe.
Their thoughts about Akshaya Patra: The need is for many more Akshaya Patra’s who are there to do this selfless service to children, who are suffering from classroom hunger. The need is to feed them with nutritious and hygienic food, and then only every Indian will feel truly liberated. Education & food to some, deprivation to many is the norm, which needs to be addressed and we as responsible and privileged citizens of the country should contribute with our might for things to change. And Akshaya Patra is delivering on this front bravely like a soldier on the front.

Name: Sushmita
Blog / website
About blog: It is a personal blog that talks about everything right from Sushmita’s thoghts to her travel story to her wishful thinking!
Their thoughts about Akshaya Patra: “She supports Akshaya Patra because causes like Akshaya Patra are very less in number. Out of all the various evils that exist, no kid should die of hunger and this noble thought is the major reason why Sushmita has associated herself with Akshaya Patra over these years.”