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School Note

Back to Mid-day Meals and the Power of Learning

back to school

Returning to school after a vacation is like starting anew. It’s a chance for students to set new goals, make new friends and embrace new challenges. The structure and routine of school provide a sense of stability that can be particularly beneficial after the unstructured days of vacation.

For many children, the mid-day meal is a highlight of their school day, but it’s also a reminder of the support and care they receive from their school community. As they sit down to enjoy their lunch, they are not just filling their stomachs; they are also nourishing their minds and spirits.

While the thought of reuniting with friends and diving into new lessons is thrilling, there’s another aspect that many children look forward to—the mid-day meal.

In many schools, the mid-day meal is more than just a break from the classroom; it’s a cherished part of the school day. These meals provide more than nourishment; they create a sense of community and routine. For some students, the school lunch is a significant source of nutrition, ensuring they receive the essential vitamins and minerals needed for their growth and development. The anticipation of a warm, wholesome meal can make the return to school even more enticing.

Importance of education

Education plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of children. It’s not just about learning to read, write and solve math problems. Education opens up a world of opportunities, fosters critical thinking and cultivates a love for lifelong learning. It provides children with the tools they need to navigate the world, make informed decisions and contribute positively to society.

How schools affect child development

The benefits of education extend far beyond the classroom. Here are some of the profound effects that learning has on children:

  1. Cognitive development
    Regular schooling stimulates intellectual growth. Exposure to various subjects and disciplines helps in the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  2. Social skills
    School is a social environment where children learn to interact with peers and adults. This interaction is crucial for developing communication skills, empathy and teamwork.
  3. Emotional growth
    Education helps children understand and manage their emotions. Through structured activities and social interactions, they learn resilience, patience and the importance of emotional intelligence.
  4. Creativity and imagination
    Schools provide numerous opportunities for children to engage in creative activities, whether through art, music or storytelling. These activities foster creativity and encourage imaginative thinking.
  5. Physical health
    Many schools incorporate physical education into their curriculum, promoting a healthy lifestyle. Regular physical activity is essential for maintaining physical health and well-being.

How does Akshaya Patra help children?

Holiday season is a time when children’s schedule (generally fixed by their parents) goes for a toss. Back to school means back to routine, back to learning and back to nutritious mid-day meals.

The Akshaya Patra Foundation provides meals to children coming from challenging backgrounds, which incentivise them to come back to school and be regular in attending everyday. By providing children with school lunch, we help in:

  • Improving nutritional levels of children
  • Increasing attention span and memory
  • Improving attendance rates
  • Reducing school dropout rates
  • Improving socialisation among children

Chasing stars – Astronomer in the making

A budding IAS Officer

Inspiration of a to-be-Paediatrician

As children head back to school, the joy of mid-day meals combined with the excitement of learning makes for a powerful combination. Education is the key to unlocking a brighter future and your contribution is a significant part of this journey. Let’s celebrate the return to school, the laughter during lunch breaks, curiosity in classrooms and endless possibilities that education brings. Here’s to a wonderful school year ahead for millions of children across the country!

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Unfolding stories of transformation

Unfolding stories of transformation

Families with access to limited opportunities often struggle to put food on their plates and frequently children become a part of this fight for survival, losing their childhood in the process. But when children get access to every day nutrition and proper education, the narrative changes.

For them, it means new prospects. It gives them the chance to attend school, learn, grow and pursue their dreams. In order to ensure that children from backgrounds with limited opportunities have equal access to opportunities as their more privileged peers, The Akshaya Patra Foundation implements the government’s PM POSHAN Abhiyaan (previously known as the Mid-Day Meal Programme). Under this programme, hot and nutritious school lunch is served to over 2 million children every day throughout an academic year.

These meals support the health and education of children and act as an incentive for parents to send their wards to school as it takes care of their child’s one meal. This eases the burden on them when they are already struggling financially to make ends meet. When children access nutritious meals in schools, it also encourages them to study well and dream big.

Let us read the stories of some MDM beneficiaries of Akshaya Patra and see how mid-day meals have transformed their lives.

Though Vikas is just 11-year-old, he understands the financial struggles that his family goes through every day. He knows that education can help him overcome it. He says, “I love coming to school because I get education and food here. After completing my studies, I want to join the army and protect the nation.

While Vikas receives good quality education at school, the nutrition is taken care by Akshaya Patra. Speaking more about his school lunch, Vikas says: “One of the main reasons for coming to school is food. We don’t have enough food to eat at home. So, I come to school because I can eat here as much as I want here. This also helps my family as they don’t need to worry about my lunch. We receive a variety of dishes here. My favourite among them is Dal-Chawal and Roti-Sabzi.”

When asked about how the household expenses are taken care of, Manjunath gawks at the window and goes silent for a minute. After a brief pause, he says: “We have agricultural land in their native place. One part of the same is rented out to a farmer in the village. My father has mortgaged the remaining part of the land for borrowing a loan. The loan amount and rent received from it is the only source of income.”

Manjunath’s mother spends most of her time taking care of her ailing husband and her aged mother-in-law. Hence, it is difficult for her to take up a job to support her family. A major chunk of the loan procured goes on his father’s treatment and medicine. Some amount from rent goes into loan repayment. The rest is used to manage the expenses for the month.

The critical condition in the family made Manjunath think again about the dreams he wants to pursue. “I want to be an artist, create colourful paintings and display them in my exhibition,” he says while excitingly showing his colourful sketches. He shows one of his sketches which showcases his creative side at a young age: two parrots sitting on a tree on a full moon night looking at each other. “However, I am not sure if it can fetch me any money. Even if it does, there is no possibility that it would be good enough to solve the financial issues which we are facing,” he says, letting out a sigh.

This uncertainty of success plagued with an existing crisis has made him develop an alternate career option. He says: “I have a backup plan. If my art exhibition doesn’t work, I will join the police force. It is not as good as being a renowned artist. But I can’t do anything about it.” Manjunath’s teachers are all praises for his vivid imagination, eye for details and contrast colour choices. They hope that he does not drop his ambition to become a painter.

When I grow up, I want to become a teacher because I want children to have a bright future and achieve their dreams. My aunt is also a teacher and seeing her at work fuels my determination. As for mid-day meals, I enjoy dal roti and dal rice. When I am free, I like to study, dance and play kho kho and hide and seek.”

Shashank says: “Since the day my father had a fracture, he is unable to drive vehicles like he did before. Now my grandfather is driving the bus and he is the sole breadwinner of our family.”

The current situation along with his mother’s hard work and sacrifice to support his education has become a motivation for him to pursue his aspirations. “I want to become a police office. My mother shares the same dream with me,” Shashank says with a firm determination in his eyes.

This can be further reflected in his actions. While Shashank’s friends were enjoying their summer vacations, Shashank was studying and completing the notes assigned by his teachers. Due to the current conditions at his home, Shashank often comes to school without breakfast. This is where meals by provided by Akshaya Patra help him. “I like the Akshaya Patra’s food,” Shashank says jovially while enjoying meals with his friends. He further continues: “My favourite among the menu is Bisibele Bath, Sambhar and Rasam served with rice.”

I was waiting for school to reopen, so I can meet my friends, talk to them about their holidays and practice cricket with them.”

He dreams of becoming a cricketer and practices it every day at school with his friends. This is one of the main reasons why he was looking forward to going back to school after vacation. While he learns how to play at school, there is another aspect which needs to be taken care of – nutrition. This is taken care of by Akshaya Patra through the school meal programme. Akshaya Patra ensures the health and wellbeing of children through the nutrition welfare programme, thus putting wings on their dreams.

Like Vikas, Manjunath, Shivani, Shashank and Manu, there are 2 million children who benefit from Akshaya Patra’s mid-day meal programme. These meals help students like them study with complete focus and work hard towards achieving their dreams. The meals help children in taking one step further in achieving their dreams.

Donate to feed children every school day.

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Hamsa’s unyielding spirit

Hamsa Guest blog

Kashni Tiwary, a student of 11th standard from Jayshree Periwal International School in Jaipur, won the recently held writing competition organised in celebration of National Education Day for the Future Shapers Initiative by The Akshaya Patra Foundation. Her poem draws inspiration from Hamsa’s story, a student served by Akshaya Patra.

Read her heartfelt poem here:

In the depths of her darkest days,
Hamsa’s spirit never waned.
Lying on her bed of thorns,
in her heart, hope remained.

A daily battle against hunger,
a fight to find her way.
To a school that held her dreams,
where the Sun’s first rays would sway.

Her mattress, a cruel adversary,
her stomach often empty and sore.
But determination in her eyes,
she yearned to learn, to explore.

With strength much beyond her years,
she rose, resolved to shine.
To conquer the world’s challenges,
to make her future divine.

Then, a fateful encounter,
her aunt’s compassion found.
Led her to a doctor’s care,
where her healing journey began.

Malnourished, frail,
but not defeated, she would mend.
With nutrition’s grace,
her life’s path would ascend.

Today, Hamsa, a beacon of resilience and grace,
stands tall with dreams unfurled in her radiant face.
In her heart, she’s grateful for the meals at school,
For they transformed her life, made her strong and fuelled her soul.

She dreams of being a guardian,
a protector of the weak.
Inspired by a memory,
she’ll always hold dear and speak.

Her spirit, unbroken,
her ambitions take flight.
Hamsa, a symbol of hope,
a beacon of light.

So, let us learn from Hamsa’s journey,
her unwavering will.
To overcome the trials,
to seek knowledge, fulfil.

In the face of adversity,
her story is a guide,
A reminder that within us all,
strength and dreams reside.

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Your generosity can bring children #BackToSchool

Your generosity can bring children BackToSchool

A child’s future is significantly impacted by their access to education, which helps them break the cycle of poverty. The Akshaya Patra Foundation is one such NGO that tries to help children with their holistic development. Our organisation is dedicated to ensuring that children have access to food and education which in turn helps in their attendance, enrolment and retention in school.

For people who are living with limited opportunities, having access to food and education is a gleam of hope for a better life. Our NGO is dedicated to giving nutritional and educational assistance to those who need it the most through our PM POSHAN Abhiyaan (Mid-Day Meal Programme). The BackToSchool campaign is one such campaign that encourages children to resume their studies after their summer vacation.

BackToSchool’s mission is to give children from backgrounds with limited opportunities access to a high-quality education, regardless of their socioeconomic status, and to give them the tools they need to improve their lives and the lives of those around them. Every child will have access to a high-quality food and education and will be able to realise their full potential.

Promoting education as a means of achieving social and economic empowerment is our goal. Moreover, we also strive to give children the knowledge and abilities they require for survival. Through this programme, we envision to live in a society in which every child have access to good food and education and has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

With the help of our BackToSchool programme, we have been able to significantly improve the lives of children in need. We have supported access to food, reduced hunger and poverty, education and encouraged environmentally friendly behaviours. We have also made educational resources and opportunities available. The funds for the BackToSchool campaign is raised through a number of channels, including private donations, corporate sponsorships and foundation grants.

BackToSchool consistently addresses obstacles for children to get access to food, an education and a good life. We give children with limited opportunities, nutritious school meals every day which helps them pursue their education and follow their dreams.

To promote children’s development and create a positive learning environment, we collaborate with the government, schools, parents and communities. By implementing these straightforward measures, we can remove obstacles to the food and education and guarantee that every child grows up to be a responsible adult.

We can raise nutritional and education levels and the future by working together. Extend your support to The Akshaya Patra Foundation and help address hunger.

Donate online!

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Gearing up to bring children back to school

Back to school

As the summer days dwindle, the excitement of a new school year takes hold across India. But for millions of children from challenging socioeconomic backgrounds, doubt reigns in their minds.

Some of them lent a hand in fields during vacations, while others stayed home to care for younger siblings. But now, we are geared up to bring these young, bright minds back to school.

With our unwavering commitment, visionary approach, strong government backing and undying support from donors worldwide, we are ready again to provide them what they rightfully deserve – unlimited learning, fun-filled playtime and nutritious meals – under PM POSHAN Abhiyaan.

The butterfly effect of PM POSHAN Abhiyaan

The power of a mid-day meal: At Akshaya Patra, we recognise that nutrition is the bedrock for effective learning. Our core belief that “no child should be deprived of education because of hunger” drives us to deliver hot and nutritious mid-day meals (MDM) across 67 locations in India every school day. Through this persistent endeavour, we not only ensure that children have access to regular meals but also address the issue of classroom hunger, enhancing their ability to concentrate and excel in their studies.

Breaking the barriers: For millions of children, financial challenges act as an insurmountable barrier to education. We help break this cycle of deprivation by serving mid-day meals (MDM), which also incentivise families to send their children back to school every day. By empowering them through meals for education, we unlock doors to endless opportunities and pave the way for a more inclusive society. Additionally, with our pilot initiative of NEST (National Endeavour for Student Transformation), we have also begun supporting children with scholarships and digital aids to improve learning outcomes under PM POSHAN Abhiyaan.

Building a better tomorrow for girls: There has been a significant improvement in the enrolment of girls in schools because of PM POSHAN Abhiyaan. Additionally, by employing women’s self-help groups at our decentralised kitchens, we are creating a safe and inclusive environment for women to challenge societal norms and foster a generation of confident and self-reliant women. Our recent achievement on this front is our 67th kitchen in Barsana, the first-of-its-kind women-led community kitchen with 80% of its workforce being women.

Empowering communities:
We strive to extend our impact far beyond the individual child. By partnering with local communities, government agencies and corporate entities, we aim to give rise to a collaborative ecosystem that works to eliminate hunger-related impediments and make education accessible to all. Such a collective effort fosters a sense of community ownership, inspiring change at a grassroots level and nurturing a generation of well-rounded individuals equipped to uplift their communities.

Your support matters this Back to School season! Let’s feed the children.

So this Back to School season, let’s be a beacon of hope and open the doors to another exciting year of education, health and interaction with peers for these children. Together, let’s give every child the opportunity to learn, grow and transform their future.

Contribute to help us send 2 million children back to school!

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Aiming High for a Better World

back to school (mdm)

“Some, measure progress by what they own, others measure it by what they give. For when you take, it is never enough. But the more you give, the more you receive.” (Rashmi Bansal – God’s Own Kitchen)

We have often heard children saying, “I want to be a doctor.” or “I want to be a teacher”. But how many, at the age of 11, say, “I want to teach underprivileged children for free”? And imagine hearing that from a child who comes from a low-income background herself.

Such is the story of millions of children in India who hardly have access to one meal a day. Their dreams can change thousands of lives in turn only if we bring them back to school by nourishing their mind and body with wholesome school meals.

Here is a glimpse of some aims of our mid day meal beneficiaries that pull them back to school every day. When you donate for children’s nourishment, you also support the education and aspirations of these future achievers.

Sujita wants to become a doctor

Sujita is a girl studying in 3rd standard of CPS Primary School in Silvassa, Daman. She dreams for the betterment of others despite her unfavourable background.

Sujita’s parents left her with her grandparents and never returned. Yet, she moved on. Today, she is popular among her teachers as a girl with lots of courage and one who showers unconditional love to everyone. She dreams of being a doctor who helps people with financial difficulties for free.

Sujita admits that she couldn’t have come to school if it was not for the mid day meals. It lessens her dependence on her grandparents and gives her the energy to study as well as play.

Sneha dreams to teach and shape careers

Sneha studies in 8th standard of MP Prathamika Pathashala in Mehboobnagar, Telangana. At the age of 13, she smartly manages unending challenges at home as her father comes back drunk every day.

For Sneha, fulfilling one’s duties and responsibilities are the most important aspects of life. After learning from her circumstances, the 13-year-old wants to teach valuable lessons to children to mould them into responsible human beings of the future.

Given the situation at home, school is a getaway for Sneha where she loves to learn, work towards her goals and spend time with her peers. Additionally, Akshaya Patra’s meals are the energy boosters that keep her energized throughout the day.

Building the future

Nutrition can both make and track the development of a nation. The nutritional level of the population decides its progress in health, education, empowerment and employment.

However, in March 2021, the Ministry of Women and Child Development stated that a million children in India need to be saved from Severe Acute Malnutrition. Thus, despite multiple NGOs and the government working towards nourishment of children, the nation’s people need to come together and contribute.

One such NGO in India is The Akshaya Patra Foundation which started serving nutritious school meals in Government and Government-aided schools in 2000. This NGO is registered under the Indian Trusts Act, 1882 and has served 441 million school meals in the last 21 years. With constant support from its compassionate donors, the Foundation now feeds across 14 states and 2 union territories.

Akshaya Patra’s meals are packed with nutrients as stated by the Supreme Court of India and the Ministry of Human Resource Development. Furthermore, the food is cooked separately for primary and upper primary students to meet the specific nutritional requirements of the age groups.

The NGO’s freshly cooked meals reach 1.8 million beneficiaries from 61 kitchens every day. They give them the motivation and the stamina to not only excel in academics but also in sports and the field of arts.

When you donate online to Akshaya Patra – an NGO in India, children like Sujita and Sneha can study hard without second thoughts. Support the Foundation’s mid-day meals to offer equal opportunities to underserved children in nutrition, health, and education.

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Akshaya Patra Stories of Children

Akshaya patra hope stories

Well-fed, well-read, well-achieved – that’s the kind of generation Akshaya Patra dreams of! And to make this dream come true, we started concerting all our efforts to support education by providing nutrition-rich mid-day meals since 2000.

The 18-year journey has been exciting and action-packed. With years of rich learning, the Foundation has evolved from serving 1500 mid-day meal to 1.8 million children in 16,856 schools across 12 states & 2 Union Territories of India. Take a closer look:

tapf kitchen map

So, what inspires us to expand our reach more?

We feel immensely blessed to witness countless hope stories of children and their transformation in the past eighteen years. Today, Akshaya Patra’s beneficiary children along with their parents stand as motivating examples of the extraordinary change that mid-day meal programme is capable of bringing in their lives. We are humbled to be a part of their incredible journey.

This is one of the hope stories, which stirs our heart and inspires us to make new beginnings possible for children.

tapf stories of children


Introducing Muskan Salim Malik. She is a Standard VII Akshaya Patra beneficiary from Gujarat.




Muskan has always been keen on learning languages and aspires to be a professor someday. She feels grateful that in spite of the social stigma surrounding educating a girl child in her community; her father advocates and supports her schooling.

Expressing her concern, Muskan says, “Just because I attend school, we have had to face strong criticism from the elder members of my family. Indeed, my father has not surrendered and accepted the situation.” By becoming an academician, she wants to see her father’s head held high and be an example to other families who have daughters.

Muskan hails from a family of eight – mother, father, three sisters, two brothers and herself. Her siblings also study in the same school. She says, “It becomes tougher for my parents to arrange for wholesome square meals a day. So, I am indebted to Akshaya Patra, for providing us the tasty mid-day meals which I get to relish with my friends.”

Upholding the hope stories of children like Muskan, we try to make their aspirations achievable.

With thousands of hands reaching out to us in support of school children,
we strengthen our belief that together we can build a nation
where every child has an easy access to
‘unlimited food for education.’


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back to school

hope stories

“My father is a fisherman and a weaver. My mother is a homemaker and also helps my father in weaving. Even though both my parents are into weaving, I never wanted to weave. My parents are very supportive and always encourages me to continue my education. After completing my academics, I want to get a job with a regular income and then support my family. I am confident that only school can turn all these wishes into reality. I travel 20 kilometres daily as there is no Government school in my village. The Akshaya Patra mid-day meal keeps me going till the evening as I have to walk a long distance back home.” – Krishna, Akshaya Patra beneficiary from Assam.



School – it teaches us to respect diversity in culture and religion, develop a sense of togetherness and discipline. In short, it makes us ready for life.

So, what else do we learn in schools?

A healthy school environment bestows children with the opportunity to work and co-create with others. This quality actually helps every individual in the ‘real world’ too. With sports, games, and classroom projects, teachers train children about the spirit and significance of team-building.

Studying new subjects and practicing new skills help a child grow exponentially. By encouraging children to face off the challenges, teachers and parents boost confidence – the key to a productive life.

Adopt Social Skills
By continuous interaction with teachers and children of all ages, kids develop socialisation skills. It is at school that children nurture skills such as listening, understanding, and sharing – something that is not always possible to learn at home.

What connects Akshaya Patra and schooling?
Akshaya Patra, an NGO for children has been supporting education of millions of children in need by providing them with wholesome school meals on every school day and has initiated several children-specific programmes. In 2018, the Foundation celebrated its 18th year of service to children.

What is Akshaya Patra’s ‘Back to School’ campaign all about?
Akshaya Patra’s ‘Back to school‘ is a yearly campaign. It aims to create awareness and gather support for the mid-day meals, a significant determinant that ensures continued education of children from challenging backgrounds.

We are deeply indebted to those supporters who felt the importance of the cause, participated in this campaign, and supported wholeheartedly.


Your contributions to this campaign will enable 1.76 million children with
another year of learning and healthy school lunches.

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School Note


back to school

As the summer fades and the school bells ring once more, millions of children across the globe eagerly wait to go back to school. Yet, for many, the promise of education is often hindered by hunger. At The Akshaya Patra Foundation, we believe that no child should have to choose between meals and education. That is why we are committed to providing mid-day meals to schoolchildren, ensuring they have the nourishment they need to thrive academically and beyond.

The Power of Mid-Day Meals (MDM)
Mid-day meals (MDM) serve as more than just a source of sustenance; they are a lifeline for countless children, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds. These meals not only alleviate classroom hunger but also act as a powerful incentive for children to attend school regularly. By offering a warm, nutritious meal each day, you remove barriers to education and empower children to reach their full potential.

Fuelling education, one meal at a time
Imagine the impact of a simple meal on a child’s ability to learn. With a nourished body and mind, students are better equipped to focus in class, participate actively and absorb new knowledge. MDMs not only support physical growth and development but also foster a positive learning environment where children can thrive.

You can make a difference
At Akshaya Patra, we rely on the generosity of individuals and organisations to sustain our mission. Every donation, no matter how big or small, helps us continue providing mid-day meals to children in need. By contributing to our cause, you become a part of a movement that is transforming lives and shaping brighter futures.

Join Us in Making a Difference
Together, we can ensure that every child has access to the nourishment they need to succeed in school and beyond. Join us in our mission to end classroom hunger and promote education for all. Your support can make a world of difference.

23 years ago, we began our journey of providing nutritious school lunches to children, right from Karnataka. We have grown from feeding 1,500 children (starting in 2000) to 4,34,558 children currently.

Akshaya Patra’s healthy school meals energise 3,70,355 school children for their playtime along with studies. With the compassionate support of those who donate to feed the children, we want to drive this figure further up.

Akshaya Patra is striving harder to extend its reach in Rajasthan so that more children can benefit from the school lunch programme. Today, we feed 2,53,217 children in Rajasthan and want to do more.

This is the number of children who are counting on your support to go back to school and continue their schooling with regular wholesome meals. Ensure your support to empower them with school meals and education.

Akshaya Patra is an NGO in India that focuses on health and children’s education. We nourish to educate children in Bhubaneswar, Puri, Nayagarh and Rourkela in Odisha.

We feed 1,60,169 children in Telangana and are working harder each day to do more. With a huge mission in mind, your support is what we look for, because every child in government school coming from a challenging background looks forward to school meals.

Many children walk long distances to reach school every day. However, all that becomes worthwhile when they get books to learn from, healthy school lunches and time to play. 1,42,624 children whom we feed every school day desperately look forward to getting back to school.

43,081 – yes, this is the number of children we feed in Assam. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to deliver food to locations where geographical terrain and road connectivity is bad. Thanks to our dedicated meal distribution vehicle drivers who consider delivering food for children’s education as important as breathing for existence.

There are 20,246 children whom we feed with pleasure in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh. With your support to feed them, we can increase these numbers to cover more children under our umbrella.

From our centralised kitchen in Silvassa, we feed 51,980 children on a daily basis, helping them improve their nutritional status.

Our four kitchens in Delhi feed a total of 52,290 children who love to learn, play and have fun at school. These meals energise them and help them stay active throughout the day.

Akshaya Patra, NGO for child education, nurtures the future of 51,625 school-going children in Maharashtra by providing freshly cooked mid-day meals on all school days.

In the remote location of Kashirampara in North Tripura, we feed and support the school supplies of 755 tribal children from the Reang Tribe.

Akshaya Patra is committed to implementing the PM POSHAN Abhiyaan Programme (earlier called the Mid-Day Meal (MDM) Programme) by ensuring the highest standards of food safety and hygiene. With the mid-day meals, we intend to bring children back to school every year. Indeed, the clock is ticking for 460 children (whom we feed in Tamil Nadu) for their chance to attend school for another academic year.

30,743 children in Bhopal look forward to the blue van every day that brings them hot food. This is a promise made by Akshaya Patra that we deliver even today, after 23 years.

We ensure that only fresh and nutritious ingredients are used in the cooking process since safety and hygiene are our top priority. 49,684 children in Puducherry consume freshly cooked, hot food every day by us for lunch.

We feed 26,077 children in Gadarpur and Dehradun with nutritious food so that they become regular to school and gain uninterrupted education.

Take Action Today
Visit our website to learn more about Akshaya Patra and how you can support our cause. Together, let’s nourish minds and build a brighter tomorrow for our children.

Every child deserves the chance to thrive in school and beyond. With your support, we can make this a reality. Join us in supporting PM Poshan Abhiyaan and ensuring that every child receives the nourishment they need to succeed.

As we embark on this journey back to school, unite in our commitment to nourishing the minds and bodies of underprivileged children. Your contribution can make a significant difference in ensuring that no child is hungry in school. Together, let’s uphold the principles of PM Poshan Abhiyaan and pave the way for a generation of healthy and educated individuals.

support back to school

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Javeriya – An Aspiring Footballer

Javeriya – Back to school

“I am Javeriya. I aspire to be a footballer. I love football because it teaches me hard work, teamwork, and to help each other.” This is a mature stance of a young 9-year old!

Javeriya is a Standard V student with a strong willpower to become a footballer. She loves music, reading English books, and of course football. For the past one year, Javeriya is undergoing football training at her school. The training is being conducted by Just for Kicks– a not-for-profit that uses football as a medium to teach life lessons to children. She represents the U-12 Girls Football Team – Kadugodi Cheetahs. The Headmistress of her school acknowledges the positive of football. She says it has made the children happier, more active, and more regular to school.

Watch this quick clip of our young footballer in action.

Javeriya is an Akshaya Patra beneficiary. She is one of the many children getting an opportunity to hone her skills through the Foundation’s ‘Give Every Dream A Chance’ initiative. Thus, aside from receiving wholesome school lunch from the Foundation, Javeriya is able to improve her football skills too. But, could it have been possible, if she hadn’t got a chance to attend school or if she had to discontinue schooling? Maybe not! That is why it is important that children attend school and continue to come back to school every day.

Attending school is an important aspect in the development of children. School provides academic knowledge, teaches life skills, makes children confident, and gives them the hope that a brighter future lies ahead of them.

‘Javeriya – An Aspiring Footballer’ is not a “Once upon a time…” story. It is a real story of a real child with a real dream! And, this is the story of just one child. There are millions of such children across the country quietly beholding their talents and dreams, just waiting for a little support. Come forward and be a part of the Back to School campaign. Support Javeriya and many others like her to receive the basics of childhood: wholesome meals, rightful schooling, and a platform to explore, so that they can have a “… happily ever after” future.

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