Teacher’s day

Teachers are considered to be the Gurus; they impart knowledge to children at a very young stage of life. Starting from teaching children about how to hold a pencil, write, behave with other children, be disciplined and everything else under the sun, they are the ones who teach about life after families. For most children, teachers become as close as a family member.

Teacher’s day is celebrated worldwide on 10th October. However, in India, it is celebrated on the birthday of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan on 5th September.

Teachers are special people with lots of patience and guidance; they deserve to be celebrated. Young minds are the future of our country and teachers/professors are the ones who mould them into responsible citizens. They don’t have only one responsibility of educating children; they also play an important role in the long-term behaviours and personality development of children.

Every child is different and hence should be treated accordingly.

Each teacher is unique and this uniqueness is what brings children closer to them, beyond academics. You might also have had a favourite or a set of favourite teachers during your childhood. These are a few of Akshaya Patra’s mid-day meal beneficiaries who have huge respect and love for their teachers for who they truly are.

According to some children, they say that Teachers and mothers were created because God was not able to be with them everywhere.

This is the respect that children have for their teachers. It’s not just a one-way signal that children like their teachers, teachers are equally involved in giving the best to their students in every way possible.

There are stories of teachers who have gone beyond their call of duty and have paid the tuition fees of their students so that they can get educated, despite their financial situation. These are being who are happily fulfilling their responsibilities with utmost dedication and passion.

How can you celebrate with Akshaya Patra?
This teacher’s day, celebrate with Akshaya Patra – an NGO in India by honouring your teachers and supporting children who love and respect their teachers for who they are and what they teach.
Donate to feed the children who respect their teachers.
Make an online donation by feeding children with Akshaya Patra.

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