raksha bandhan

India is a country that has an abundance of festivals to celebrate. Being born in such a country, these occasions are what we look forward to and they are something that gets us all excited.

Raksha Bandhan is celebrated on the first full moon of the Hindu month – Sharavana, where the relationship between siblings is celebrated. This becomes a symbol of love, promise and protection. If we go back to what our mythology says, there is a story from the great epic – Mahabharata. Lord Krishna’s finger gets injured and starts bleeding. On seeing this, Draupadi tears her saree to bandage his wound. Krishna respected concern and affection hence was moved by this gesture. He felt bound by this sisterly act of love and compassion. In return for the favour, Krishna promised to repay this debt of gratitude with a promise that he would help and protect her from any harm. In this way, the saree becomes the sacred thread called ‘Rakhi’ and the promise of protection has carried forward.

Not only is Raksha Bandhan celebrated between brothers and sisters, but it is also celebrated among cousins, soul sisters, sworn sisters & brothers, etc. It is a day where we extend the celebrations beyond the four walls of our homes and blood relations. This is what The Akshaya Patra Foundation is doing this year. It is reaching out to people who are in need.

This Indian NGO – Akshaya Patra has taken to protect the lives of underprivileged people and deprived. Since the pandemic, the conditions of these communities have worsened. After the vaccine roll-out, these sections of society have been left out as they have no access to digital devices or know how to register for vaccination.

To augment India’s ‘Free Vaccination for All’ programme, incentivized vaccine drives are conducted by Akshaya Patra in association with a Hospital Partner and Vaccination Partner to help the vulnerable sections. These drives aim to reduce vaccine hesitancy and up vaccine intakes in low-income populations. In this drive, people get inoculated, receive snacks and a Raksha Kit that helps cook 21 meals.

raksha bandhan
This Raksha Bandhan, provide Raksha Kits while you help the underprivileged get vaccinated. Donate online to Akshaya Patra to incentivize people to attend more such upcoming drives.

Let this Raksha Bandhan protect more people than just your blood relatives. Extend your wall of care and concern to include people in need.

raksha bandhan

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