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Fellowship Programme Benefits at Akshaya Patra

Akshaya Patra Fellowship

Fellowship programme is a short or long-term engagement that can last from few months to few years where an individual referred to as a ‘fellow’ gets the opportunity to focus on their professional development. This programme is often sponsored by a specific organisation that is looking at expanding leadership in their related field.

Akshaya Patra Fellowship Programme

The Akshaya Patra Foundation recently introduced its Fellowship Programme in India. With this programme, the Foundation aims to provide a platform for young leaders and future social entrepreneurs to hone their skills in the social sector and thereby benefit millions of children. This is the Foundation’s first fellowship programme.

How will you benefit from the Fellowship Programme?

First, this fellowship programme will give you an opportunity to be a part of the top NGO in India. Second, you will be a fellow of the first batch of the Akshaya Patra’s Fellowship Programme. Third, it is a paid fellowship programme encompassing a host of training and activities for an all-inclusive development of the fellow. Here is an overview of what you will receive as a fellow of this programme:

• Training on learning and development, awareness on health, nutrition, and WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene), and soft skills development;
• A platform to experience leadership skills such as people-management, public-speaking, conflict resolution, relationship building, time management, problem solving and more;
• An opportunity to be a part of the leading team of a project, and upon successful completion, you will get a chance to present your project to the top management of the Foundation;
• An exceptional leadership journey constructively impacting your learning curve;
• On successful completion of the fellowship programme, you will receive a Fellowship Certificate;
• Last but not least, you will get the noble opportunity to impact the lives of millions of children.

How will Akshaya Patra benefit?

Over the past 17 years of being a mid-day meal NGO, Akshaya Patra has been striving to extend the benefits of mid-day meals to maximum number of children across the country. For this, it has undertaken various initiatives and has also received support and goodwill of government and donors. With this fellowship programme, Akshaya Patra aims at grooming and guiding future leaders who will enable expansion of the mid-day meal programme resulting in a nourished and educated India. This fellowship programme will help the Foundation tread many steps towards providing unlimited food for education to achieve its vision of ‘No child in India shall be deprived of education because of hunger.’

Apply Now

A noble opportunity is knocking at your door. It will open up avenues to improve many young lives thereby enriching your humanitarian trait and uplifting the society manifold. Be among the first graduates of the first batch of the Akshaya Patra Fellowship Programme. Apply for fellowship now!

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Celebrate for a Cause

Mothers are the pillars of strength


Have you noticed the brightness in her eyes when you laugh?
Have you felt the unrest in her when you are sick?
Have you sensed the pride in her when you succeed?
Have you seen her pray quietly when you step out of the door?
Have you watched trying her best to cheer you up on a rather gloomy day?
And, have you realised that she never asks anything in return
for all that she does for you each and every day?
That’s the grace of a Mother!

Mother’s love is the strongest, the most selfless of emotions. And, nothing in the world can be compared to it. Mother’s Day celebrated on May 13 this year (the second Sunday of May) celebrates the care, love, commitment, and strength of every mother. It is a day to salute the woman who has silently dedicated each day of her life to you.

Akshaya Patra has always had the pleasant opportunity to associate with mothers. Be it in the form of employees, mothers of beneficiaries, would-be mothers (through the feeding initiative of expecting and lactating mothers) or mothers of employees.

This Mother’s Day, we share a small story of a mother-son duo who advocates the significance of education.

Mother & Son

Naveen, an Akshaya Patra employee has been working in the organisation for the past one year as part of the Vehicle Maintenance Team. He ensures all vehicle-related issues are attended to and solved without any delay. While he was pursuing Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, a sudden financial crisis compelled him to discontinue his studies and seek for a job. It was then that he was referred to Akshaya Patra.

Acquainted with Akshaya Patra’s mission, Naveen was happy to join the Foundation. With a fulfilling job in hand, now Naveen not only takes care of his family but has also resumed his studies through correspondence.

When asked about the kind of relationship he shares with his mother, Naveen replied promptly,

My mother has always been very supportive of my education. She is a staunch believer that education is extremely important for a better life. And, so that I successfully complete my schooling, she always provided me with whatever I needed. She constantly encourages me to work towards my goals. My mother was deeply saddened that I had to discontinue my studies to help the family sail through the tough times. But, now that I have resumed my studies, she is happy.

Hearing this, Lalithamma, Naveen’s mother added with moistened eyes,

I never knew my little son has grown up to be so mature.

Adding her opinion on schooling and her thoughts about Naveen she said,

Schooling is very important for every child. School gives children the opportunity to mingle with other children. It is a place where they learn from each other and they become more social and more accepting. For this reason, I always strived to provide all that was needed for Naveen to complete his schooling. Agreed that times were not favourable, but I was totally disheartened when Naveen had to seek a job instead of completing his studies. But, probably it was God’s way of giving him a chance to work for a good cause. Today, I am a very proud and happy mother. My son is working with an organisation that provides food to school children. As a mother, I understand the importance of a good meal in a child’s life and the satisfaction of mother to see her child eat stomach full of food. It fills me with joy to see that while supporting the family, Naveen is also taking care of his studies.

Like Lalithamma and Naveen, all of us have our own special story. And, celebrating this special bond, Akshaya Patra wishes everyone a very Happy Mother’s Day!

Support the mother’s who wish their children to get proper education: Donate in honour of mother

Please use the below comment section to share your special ‘Mom & Me’ story. We would love to hear it!

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