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Republic day

The power of the people manifested itself to win India freedom from an oppressive colonial power in 1947 and January 26, 1950, cemented its position in history as a republic. We, the people of India, are the ones who made this Republic; who continue to make this Republic.

Every revolution in the world started with We, the people. The will of the ordinary man fused with that of his/her fellow citizens to form a force. This force, against oppression, against the denial of basic rights, became a movement and permeated the collective conscience of the people. It instigated them to rise in revolt against the forces that kept them from their right to liberty, justice, equality and a decent life.

The preamble of the Constitution of India talks about ‘EQUALITY of status and of opportunity’. One of the important means to ensure this equality is by making education and its fruits available to the children of this great nation, who are brimming with potential. Making this a reality is full of challenges. A study conducted by UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) jointly with Global Education Monitoring Report in 2016, found that 47 million children dropped out of school by Std X. It also revealed that India has the third highest number of out-of-primary school children at 2.9 million, who have never attended school. One of the biggest roadblocks to education in the country is poverty, the study found.

Although the statistics of children attending schools in India is a little worrying, however, there is room for improvement. Our national development plans need to focus on the root cause that is poverty, which has forced many children quit education to support their family. Child labour is one such plague which is a direct outcome of poverty and due to this social and economic differences often families prefer earning instead of educating their children. A proper meal is all that these children look for every day and we as a society need to fight hunger and provide better opportunities to the young minds.

Role of NGOs and role of a social worker is crucial in today’s generation as they help us reach the ground level. We as a part of the society can build a system where children are fed properly and given equal opportunities irrespective if their background. The mid-day meals provided by Akshaya Patra works as an encouragement for all these children who might come from a challenging background but has high hopes and big dreams to achieve.

Akshaya Patra works in partnership with the Central and State governments of India to implement its Mid-Day Meal Programme, the largest of its kind in the world operated by an NGO.

With over 1.6 million beneficiaries in 12 Indian states, the Foundation’s ‘Unlimited Food for Education’ philosophy has fed the dreams of numerous children over the years. Its immediate mission is to feed 5 million children by 2020 every day, with a nutritious school lunch cooked in its ISO-certified, state-of-the-art kitchens.

Let this Republic Day celebration be towards the fulfilment of the dreams of India’s young hearts and minds. Sponsor a child and help the nation take a leap towards progress by contributing to a bright future lit with success and education.

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Let the happy faces of the children light up your day

Happy Diwali

The festival of lights brings joy to all our lives. It is a joyous celebration of victory of good over evil. It is the time for togetherness and bonding as we meet our near and dear ones.The festival of lights brings joy to all our lives. It is a joyous celebration of victory of good over evil. It is the time for togetherness and bonding as we meet our near and dear ones.

But how about adding more value to the festive celebrations this year? You can do that in many ways. Involving social cause in this year’s celebration is one of the many ways you can make it memorable.
Different ways to do it:

1. Sponsor a child: Diwali celebration need not be just a day’s affair. You can make the entire year special for yourself by sponsoring a child’s meal for one entire year. It takes just Rs 950. With this, one child in a Government or Government-aided school will receive a wholesome school lunch for one entire year. This will help them stay focused in school and aspire to reach heights.

2. Teach children the importance of sharing: We all have heard the saying ‘sharing is caring’. But these values must be inculcated in children during their childhood. This Diwali can be a great way of teaching your children the importance of sharing. Make online donation to an NGO and set examples for them. You can make online donation to Akshaya Patra too. You will also get the benefit of tax exemption under Section 80G of Income Tax Act.

3. Start an online fundraising campaign: This Diwali, you can start a fundraising campaign on our website. All you have to do is think of an innovative idea which will make your friends and family support you in the cause of feeding the children. Once the campaign goes live, share it on your social networking platforms with a powerful message. The money raised through this will be used to feed the children in Government and Government-aided schools across India.

About 39% of the total population in India constitute of children. They are the driving force behind the success of our nation. Let us, empower them to ensure that our nation is in safe hands. Be a part of our movement. Support us. Donate today.

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