stories of children

The whole world is an uncertain place today and we have switched to finding good in this world. On looking at a fragile healthcare system, we look for some sort of security. We fail to realise that the security lies in our health. World Health Day is soon approaching on 7th April and we are fortunate to be full of good health today despite various wars waged against us in the form of diseases.

However, lesser fortunate people living all over the world and in India, are gripped by various diseases. The major contributing factor to these diseases is low immunity.

As stated in The Economic Times, a study by GOQii – The India Fit Report 2020, found that 20.8% of Indians had low immunity levels.

On this World Health Day, let us stick to the theme of Building a fairer, healthier world and take care of the health of people around us. The section of people who are at a greater risk of getting various diseases, sicknesses, infections and fatal illnesses, is the marginalised community.

The Akshaya Patra Foundation took care of their health by providing them with meals during the pandemic in 2020. A cumulative of 11-crore meals had been served in the form of cooked meals, grocery kits and happiness kits. However, this year, the charity in India resumed its core service of implementing the Mid-Day Meal Programme to feed school children studying in Government and Government-aided schools of India.

stories of children

Benefits of donating on World Health Day
Providing healthy meals to children on this day can:
• Take care of their nutritional status
• Provide unlimited school meals for one full academic year
• Increase their interest to come to school, thereby increasing school attendance rate and reducing the dropout rates
• Improving their focusing capacity and attention span in the classroom
• Support their education as well.

Gift the everlasting gift of nutrition to children. A healthy childhood, healthy food and healthy life is the right of each child.
Wait no further!
Donate to feed a child with Akshaya Patra’s nutritious meals today!

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