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Our Enthusiastic Intern Tells Us Why We Are A Great Place To Work – Part 8

Akshaya Patra Intern

The Akshaya Patra Foundation was recently certified as a Great Place to Work by Great Place to Work® Institute. Apart from employees, our interns play a major role in making the place what it is. Raj Vardhan, a student from Jindal Global Law School, Bengaluru shares his experience of interning with Akshaya Patra.

Q. Why did you choose this organisation?
A. The Akshaya Patra Foundation is a very reputed non-profit organisation which is known not only in the city but across the whole country. I thought it would be a new challenge and a new experience from which I can learn and benefit.

Q. How was your typical day like?
A. Every day was a new challenge for me. As a part of my job, I had to establish relationships with various corporates in the city and organise as many meetings and leads with them. This would cover most part of my day, and at other times I would research about CSR activities of different corporates and potential donors.

Q. What were the challenges you faced? How did you overcome them?
A. Since I had already done an internship at Akshaya Patra before, the environment and my job here was familiar, hence, I did not face any problem or difficulty. Even if I did face any problem in my work, my mentor, Mr. Balakumar, was always there to help me.

Q. Any memorable moment you had at Akshaya Patra? What did you like the most about interning here?
A. I might sound cheesy, but, my whole time at this wonderful organisation was a memorable one. I truly enjoyed interning at Akshaya Patra as everyone working here are extremely warm and kind. I got the opportunity to attend one of the meetings with a corporate which was a totally new experience for me, and I would consider this opportunity as one of the best things about the internship. Also, Akshaya Patra taught me many values that would certainly be helpful for me in the long run.

Q. Why do you think Akshaya Patra is a ‘Great Place to Work’?
A. The cause and the work environment at Akshaya Patra is extremely positive. The people of Akshaya Patra are very kind-hearted and are always willing to help each other. The impact this Foundation has on the lives of millions of children across the country is incredible and according to me that’s why it’s such a great place to work at.

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