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Our Enthusiastic Intern Tells Us Why We Are A Great Place To Work – Part 6

Adrija – Akshaya Patra Intern

The Akshaya Patra Foundation was recently certified as a Great Place to Work by Great Place to Work® Institute. Apart from employees, our interns play a major role in making the place what it is. Adrija Srivastav, a student from IMT College, Hyderabad shares her experience of interning with Akshaya Patra.

Q. Why did you choose this organisation?
A. The Akshaya Patra Foundation is a very well-known NGO working for a great cause and has a very dynamic background. I was lucky that Akshaya Patra visited my college with openings for summer internship with a fantastic digital marketing profile. Both the organisation and the work suited my interest and hence I chose Akshaya Patra.

Q. How’s your typical day like?
A. Each day was a new experience in itself. Each day I got to work on something new and by the end of my internship I realised that the things I learnt has been immense and enriching. Besides that, I had my time to chill and relax with my fellow interns during lunch and coffee breaks.

Q. What are the challenges you faced so far? How did you overcome them?
A. I believe I could not have asked for a more fulfilling internship for myself. The journey was incredible, and I did not face any problem in the work whatsoever. I am grateful that I always had my mentor to back me up at each step.

Q. Any memorable moment you had at Akshaya Patra? What did you like the most about interning here?
A. I had one of the best days of my internship when I got to be a part of the event “Giving Every Dream A Chance”. Since this organisation runs for the sole motive of empowering children so it was extremely pleasing to spend a day with those children who are the beneficiaries of Akshaya Patra and see them live their dreams so confidently and gracefully. It was an inspiration in itself.

The best part about my internship was interning under such a super cool mentor. I think it is extremely essential to be mentored by the right person, with good experience and values. I am thankful to my mentor, Vidhur Kumar, for bringing out the best in me all the time.

Q. Why do you think Akshaya Patra is a ‘Great Place to Work’?
A. The most important reason why I think Akshaya Patra is a ‘Great Place to Work’ is the selfless work they are doing for the nation and the world at large. This makes us derive a sense of meaning from the work we do. In addition to that, the work was super interesting with major takeaways and the work environment was safe, comfortable and appealing to work in. Every single person was very welcoming and of course, who wouldn’t love it when you get such healthy and tasty food each day at work!

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  1. Akshaya Patra Foundation

    We are very happy to convey to all by this message that the project of free meals to school going children is a great work undertaken by Akshya Patra Founation. Meals served to mainly malnourished students with utmost care of hygiene and with help of latest automated cooking equipment. Punctuality of time schedule is very well maintained . I have personally visited the kitchen and observed their working condition. I am very much impressed with this project.

    We appeal to all to donate generously to this organisation. It will be a great help to them and ultimately to poor, needy students of our nation.

    With all best wishes

    Naresh Shah
    203, Sankalp Square -2, Ellisbridge, Ahmedabad – 380006

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