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Weddings, birthdays, parties, functions, festivals generate so much of food waste. When people can waste that much food, can’t we save that much to feed people in need?

This Hunger Action Month, let’s take one step closer to making India a hunger-free nation.

According to Global Hunger Index 2021, India’s score of 27.5 is considered to be serious.

The good news is responsible individuals and NGOs are working on making the situation better. They help underprivileged street dwellers, nursing mothers, pregnant women, aged individuals, school-aged children and so on. However, the success of all these activities largely depends on donations from people.

Feed to defeat hunger this Hunger Action Month
Hunger Action Month is a special month to be fully aware of the hunger crisis. People all around the world show their support for the cause of ending hunger. The occasion is observed all over the world, including India.

We, at The Akshaya Patra Foundation—one of the renowned NGOs in India, observe Hunger Action Month every year. We have been feeding hungry people for 21 years with donations from our kind and consistent supporters. Today, we proudly nourish over a million children, disaster victims and many vulnerable mothers every day.

Sinchana S of GMPS Unkal School, Karnataka, is delighted to be able to go to school every day and focus on her studies without being distracted by hunger. She mentions that the meals served by Akshaya Patra are full of nourishing vegetables that she cannot access at home due to unfavourable financial conditions. Therefore, she enjoys these satisfying school meals and loves to have them with her friends. At her school, Akshaya Patra also funds hot milk in the morning which keeps them satisfied until lunch break.

So, take out a few moments from your busy schedules to empower the destitute people in India through your donations. Have a look at the programmes we run at Akshaya Patra and choose how you wish to contribute this month:

PM Poshan Abhiyaan

Through PM POSHAN Abhiyaan (formerly called the Mid-Day Meal Scheme), we serve freshly-cooked meals in Government and Government-aided schools across 65 locations in 14 states and 2 union territories.

Currently, we nourish 1.8 million underprivileged children daily which allows them to concentrate better, develop strong immunity and grow healthy, physically and mentally. We follow international hygiene standards and nutritional guidelines mandated by the Supreme Court of India and the Ministry of Education (formerly known as the Ministry of Human Resource Department) while preparing and distributing the school meals. We have also won several accolades for financial transparency, relief feeding and serving society in multiple ways.

You can donate to feed a child with our flagship programme supporting the Indian Government’s PM Poshan Abhiyaan or for any of our other programmes detailed below.

Anganwadi Feeding Programme

Ideally, children must receive nourishment from their foundational years that start in their mother’s womb. Hence, nursing and would-be mothers must receive balanced nutrition to build strength during and after childbirth. It helps in the development of vital organs and immunity of the newborns during crucial years of their growth.

When you contribute to the Anganwadi Feeding initiative, you not only donate to feed a child but also strengthen the health and chances of survival of the mother as well.

Feed the Homeless Mothers Programme

A woman needs 1,800-2,200 calories a day to carry out simple tasks. However, 40 million women in India who are left alone without husbands and families struggle to make ends meet. They are deprived of the basic nutrition needed for survival.

With Feed the Homeless Mothers initiative, we serve freshly cooked meals to nourish them. These meals save them from diseases and help them restart their lives with new hopes. Feed to defeat hunger in homeless widowed mothers.

Night Shelter Feeding Programme

Lakhs of people in India live on the streets or inside kaccha houses (jhopris) without basic amenities. They often depend on leftover food and the little money they have. They are also the most affected during disasters such as the pandemic, heavy rainfalls or heatwaves.

We feed them three cooked meals every day in Rain Baseras (Night Shelters)—the only hope of survival for them. Support Akshaya Patra to help street dwellers rise towards good health and opportunities for better lives.

Bangalore Relief Feeding Programme

Unprecedented rainstorms are flooding the streets and houses of Bangalore. Affected people, including pregnant women and little children, face chaos with their daily necessities and food supplies being washed away by the rainwaters.

We are responding with Relief Feeding Programme for these troubled Bangaloreans. The meals served include tomato rice/jeera rice and dal/dhalcha. Contribute to help them survive the distress.

Final Thoughts
Hunger is at the core of many other ills such as malnutrition, diseases, child labour and illiteracy. Eliminating it alone can improve the lifestyles of billions of people around the world.

Today, options are many for the ones who wish to help. Even the smallest donation from you can feed a disadvantaged child for several months!

So, don’t wait! Support Akshaya Patra and let your kindness win over the evil of hunger.
Donate online this Hunger Action Month to nurture an individual’s health and dreams right from where you are!

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