Celebrate This New Year With Akshaya Patra

What can one do to improve the lives of children who are less fortunate? Akshaya Patra’s programmes centred around the holistic development of underprivileged children, empowers them to pursue their dreams towards a better tomorrow.

Starting with just 1,500 beneficiaries, the NGO has touched and made a difference to the lives of many children and serves hot and nutritious meals to over 2 million Government children across the country. Apart from the Mid-Day Meal (MDM) programme, the organisation also facilitates digital learning (Digital Education Programme) and has provided scholarship (AVSAR Scholarship) to thousands of children.

An Anthology of Dreamers

Chandrashekhar Dream

They not only take care of the nation but also the environment. But it is the duty of every Indian to keep the environment clean” he says. He is also an Akshaya Patra beneficiary who enjoys the nourishing mid-day meals at school. He says they help him stay active and healthy, which is crucial to lead him to his dream.

Kriti’s Dream

I appreciate the Dal and Pulav that The Akshaya Patra Foundation serves as part of their Mid-Day Meal Program on selected days at school. The other food items they provide are very tasty too. I get the nourishment and energy I need to study effectively and pursue my other interests, she claims.

Soumya’s Dream

She likes the lunch offered at school, and her favourites are rice and sambar.

To saving lives and serving people

After completing his PUC with flying colours, he was enrolled into the Karwar Institute of Medical Sciences in the Karwar District. He earned his MBBS on May 4, 2022, and he intends to continue his education.He thanks The Akshaya Patra Foundation for providing him with lunch while he was attending school. He asserts that the diet gave him the energy he needed to concentrate on his schoolwork and athletics while also chasing his goals.

He claims that from Class 1 he has received assistance from The Akshaya Patra Foundation and thais taught him that there is nothing more fulfilling than helping others in need.

Understanding nuances of chemistry

He further adds: “As a student, my skills will allow me to accept challenges with confidence and contribute to discussions during lectures with new ideas. Teamwork, leadership, interpersonal and hands-on skills are key abilities that engineers must contain in order to be successful and I’m working hard to achieve them.” He expressed his happiness as he received the tab and said this will now allow him to research more about engineering and allow him to prepare for competitive exams.

This new year, extend the joy of giving, by lighting up smiles and giving wings to the dreams of millions of children. We can see that children who will make up tomorrow’s India have tremendous strength. These stars can shine brightly in this world with little assistance and climb the success ladder as time goes on.

Usher in new hopes this 2023 by supporting Akshaya Patra.

New Year 2023
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