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As the summer days dwindle, the excitement of a new school year takes hold across India. But for millions of children from challenging socioeconomic backgrounds, doubt reigns in their minds.

Some of them lent a hand in fields during vacations, while others stayed home to care for younger siblings. But now, we are geared up to bring these young, bright minds back to school.

With our unwavering commitment, visionary approach, strong government backing and undying support from donors worldwide, we are ready again to provide them what they rightfully deserve – unlimited learning, fun-filled playtime and nutritious meals – under PM POSHAN Abhiyaan.

The butterfly effect of PM POSHAN Abhiyaan

The power of a mid-day meal: At Akshaya Patra, we recognise that nutrition is the bedrock for effective learning. Our core belief that “no child should be deprived of education because of hunger” drives us to deliver hot and nutritious mid-day meals (MDM) across 67 locations in India every school day. Through this persistent endeavour, we not only ensure that children have access to regular meals but also address the issue of classroom hunger, enhancing their ability to concentrate and excel in their studies.

Breaking the barriers: For millions of children, financial challenges act as an insurmountable barrier to education. We help break this cycle of deprivation by serving mid-day meals (MDM), which also incentivise families to send their children back to school every day. By empowering them through meals for education, we unlock doors to endless opportunities and pave the way for a more inclusive society. Additionally, with our pilot initiative of NEST (National Endeavour for Student Transformation), we have also begun supporting children with scholarships and digital aids to improve learning outcomes under PM POSHAN Abhiyaan.

Building a better tomorrow for girls: There has been a significant improvement in the enrolment of girls in schools because of PM POSHAN Abhiyaan. Additionally, by employing women’s self-help groups at our decentralised kitchens, we are creating a safe and inclusive environment for women to challenge societal norms and foster a generation of confident and self-reliant women. Our recent achievement on this front is our 67th kitchen in Barsana, the first-of-its-kind women-led community kitchen with 80% of its workforce being women.

Empowering communities:
We strive to extend our impact far beyond the individual child. By partnering with local communities, government agencies and corporate entities, we aim to give rise to a collaborative ecosystem that works to eliminate hunger-related impediments and make education accessible to all. Such a collective effort fosters a sense of community ownership, inspiring change at a grassroots level and nurturing a generation of well-rounded individuals equipped to uplift their communities.

Your support matters this Back to School season! Let’s feed the children.

So this Back to School season, let’s be a beacon of hope and open the doors to another exciting year of education, health and interaction with peers for these children. Together, let’s give every child the opportunity to learn, grow and transform their future.

Contribute to help us send 2 million children back to school!

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