Friendship day

There is an English saying, ‘Blood is thicker than water’ expressing how family links are stronger than any other bonds. But friends are like brothers and sisters from different mothers. They will stand with you throughout your life and celebrate your victories as their own. To honour this beautiful relationship, India started celebrating Friendship Day on the first Sunday of August. This year, it falls on 6th August.

Good friends are necessary to have a happy life. With them, we share our joys, sorrows, and worries and ask for advice to solve the problems that we face in life. From getting a second opinion on a dress to seeking advice to deal with the challenges of life, we run to our friends. It’s not that we are unable to make decisions. Sometimes we may not be able to comprehend the problem alone, and so we need the help of someone whom we can trust. Friends are trustworthy people who actively listen to you and will not judge you. They will listen to you patiently, validate your feelings, point out your mistakes and support you to become the best version of yourself. When you go through the tough currents of life, they will encourage you to sail courageously and will stand like a guiding star, nurturing hope about positive endings.

The bond between friends cannot be broken by distance, time or anything else because friendship is formed on the foundation of love. Your friend doesn’t need to have similar views and opinions. There will be disagreements but that will never crack friendship. Instead, it gives us the ability to view matters from different perspectives.

School- An environment for nurturing friendships

Friendship during childhood is the purest form of friendship since children are open and receptive to everyone without being judgmental. So, making friends in that stage is much simpler. For many people, childhood friends are their only true companions in life. School is an environment for childhood friendship. So, schooling is important for every child not only because it educates them but also helps them to develop social skills which are essential to connect with people. Interacting with classmates will slowly turn into a strong friendship which in turn boosts the happiness and general well-being of children. Schools provide children with an environment for psycho-social development that makes them competent enough to face the future.

Akshaya Patra: A true companion of children

Just as a friend shows companionship in one’s life, Akshaya Patra is striving to be the best companion for schoolchildren by addressing all the challenges they face while pursuing their dreams. As an NGO for children, we understand the importance of nutrition in the physical, mental and cognitive development of a child. Under the Government of India’s Mid-Day Meal Programme (PM POSHAN Abhiyaan), we ensure that children in government and government-aided schools receive hot, tasty and nutritious meals throughout their academic year. Currently, our 67 kitchens all over India are feeding over 2 million children per day.

Akshaya Patra encourages children on their quest to achieve a good position in life, standing by their side like a best friend. Our mission is to become the best companion for 3 million children by 2023 by feeding them healthy meals.

Usually, Friendship Day is celebrated by tying vibrant bands on the wrists of friends as a symbol of their unbreakable bond. In this current digital age, there are many more options for celebrating this special day, like sharing a picture with a note about your best friend on social media, using tags, comments and sending digital cards.

This year, try something new by contributing to feeding the children in school, who are learning and growing together.

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