A New Year A New Dream

What makes a year truly remarkable? As we approach 2024, let’s reflect on this question.

Each year passes by with a fair share of experiences, which can be seen either as blessings or lessons.

Through all such encounters, what we ultimately seek is to grow as better human beings. However, isn’t all this futile if you are not lending a helping hand to those in need.

Like Akshaya Patra, numerous NGOs in India are working with dedication to bring significant change in society. In order to conduct their programmes effectively, they need support. With a simple online donation, you can help these organisations in their pursuit of a better world for everyone.

Together, Let’s Put Wings on their Dreams

As an NGO for children in India, Akshaya Patra implements the government’s Mid-Day Meal (MDM) Programme (PM POSHAN Abhiyaan) to address the nutritional deficiencies in schoolchildren. This new year, consider supporting Akshaya Patra to nurture dreams of millions of children and make this year a truly remarkable one.

By making an online donation, you can also avail tax exemption.

He loves mid-day meals served in schools; his favourites are dal, rice, kadhi, roti, kheer, fruits, etc. Krishna is also active in extra-curricular activities in the school. He has a passion for dancing and has showcased his talent in a group dance performance during the Independence Day celebrations. His dream is to become an army officer and defend the country.

Apart from her study time, she spends time to help her mother at her shop and her father in their field. She loves the meal served at school. The school provides dal chawal, subzi roti, khichdi kheer of which her favourite is subzi roti. “Our teacher told us that we get these meals from the Akshaya Patra Foundation,” she says with a smile.

“One will be on a hill station, where I will sell Bhutte (corn on the cob) in the rainy season. The second will be functioning in summer and provide ice candies and Baraf Ka Gola (ice sorbet). And the third will be a multi-cuisine restaurant featuring dishes from across the world,” he says.

“I love dancing. When I grow up, I want to become a dancer,” she says. One of her school teachers is aware of her dream and often motivates and helps her practice regularly.

She has two sisters who are studying in class 3 and 5 at the same school. Her uncle is yet another important person in her life who fuels her dream to become an IAS officer. She loves the food supplied by Akshaya Patra at her school. She says, her favourite dish from the daily menu is sheera (an Indian sweet dish made from semolina).

Krishna, Sakshi, Hussain, Tanushree and Shivalila represent 2 million children in Akshaya Patra beneficiary schools across 15 states and 2 union territories. Your support enables the Foundation to serve nutritious mid-day meals to these 2 million children every school day to support their nutrition and education.

Your support puts wings on their dreams!

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