Akshaya Patra supplies food to flood victims

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<img style=”float: left; margin: 10px; border: 0px;” src=”” border=”0″ alt=”The Akshaya Patra Foundation” />The Akshaya Patra Foundation has come to the rescue of several thousand victims who were affected by floods caused by heavy rains in coastal Andhra Pradesh.
<b>Akshaya Patra</b> distributed more than 5,000 food packets (prepared in the foundation’s kitchen in Visakhapatnam) to the people in the flood- affected areas. Low lying areas in the city were flooded due to rains which were a result of cyclone ‘Jal’ which hit coastal Andhra earlier this November. </p>

<p>Akshaya Patra also supplied drinking water to most flood-affected residents of Sheelanagar and surrounding colonies, as most of them did not even have access to their homes. </p>

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A few words from a volunteer

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There were days when poor students would go to Teachers house to have “Varanna” in which the students would be fed once in a week. On a rotation, the student would go to different teacher’s house and other rich people in the locality. Now, many of them have grown and have a respectable position in the society.
This clearly shows the relationship between the food and the education. The best a society can offer a child is the education; because once the child is educated they become a responsible citizen of this country. To provide a good education, the child should not be hungry. This is precisely the reasons why I wanted to voluntary “Akshaya Patra Foundation”.
When I first met the Akshaya Patra team, I was surprised to know they are using the latest Management concepts, statutory disclosures etc. There method of analysis, brain storming sessions was amazing. For me, I am trying to put the experience of my work (Strategic Planning) to Akshaya Patra and it turn take their best practices and implement in my company. It is a win- win situation for me.
The message I would like to give for other volunteers are, give the best of your knowledge, time, and experience to Akshaya Patra and in turn learn the dedication, hard work, practices from the Akshaya Patra. This is very unique because you can share and learn as well.

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