It is no secret that millions of children across India are forced to give up their dreams and drop out of school to earn their daily meal. Understanding the link between food and education is what got us started at The Akshaya Patra Foundation. With the support of the government and many generous citizens, we help children break free from the shackles of child labour. We do everything we can to feed the children, and their hunger to provide them with a better future. We are here to help those #HungryForSchool.

What is #HungryForSchool?

It is our latest initiative to raise awareness about the connection between hunger and education. We thought, what better way to start this programme than to launch on ‘World Day Against Child Labour’!Print

We want more and more people to realise that it doesn’t take a fancy classroom or state-of-the-art technology to keep a child in school − just one yummy, nutritious mid-day meal.

At Akshaya Patra, we have a team of quality experts and a nutritionist to take care of the daily menu. They cover every detail to ensure that each child gets a well-balanced meal. Our well-equipped kitchens are run by a dedicated staff. As they cook up the day’s specials, they don’t forget to include large doses of love. Then, our logistics team steps in to deliver this yummy, freshly cooked lunch to the kids. This is how we provide food to over 1.39 million children from 10,631 schools, across 9 states in India. With your support we aim to expand our operations and reach out to more children who are #HungryForSchool.

Help those #HungryForSchool

You’d be surprised to know that it doesn’t take much to support our cause. It costs only Rs 750 to feed a child for a whole year (that’s less than what you would spend on one week of household groceries)! You can also spread awareness of the cause by talking and tweeting about it using the hashtag #HungryForSchool.

See? It really does take very little to secure the dreams of a little child who is #HungryForSchool.

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