Inspiring children who are #HungryForSchool

Inspiring children who are #HungryForSchool

There are many rags to riches stories of great people who have overcome abject poverty and risen above their underprivileged backgrounds. It is not an easy journey, but they’ve had the fortitude and resilience to brave it all. At Akshaya Patra, we come across many similar stories and it gives us great pride to know that we have played a role in them. The meal we give children keeps them in school, lays the foundation for their future and gives them the boost of energy they need to achieve their goals. In our own little way we have been inspiring children who are #HungryForSchool. We give them a reason to keep going.

Here are a few inspiring stories of children who were and are #HungryFor School.

1. Varun R
A bright boy, with a bright future, Varun is gearing up to become an IAS officer someday. He loves Indian history with a passion and has even won the ‘Bharat ko jano’ quiz. He dreams of starting schools in remote villages and getting Akshaya Patra to provide meals for hungry children. That is how profound an impact the programme has had on him. His idea is to make this one meal reach out to many more. School is the just first step in the big plans he has for himself.

2. Parvati
The desire to learn is all you need, to succeed. This child, who was not allowed to go to school, would hungrily devour her brothers’ schoolbooks. Her parents believed that it was better to educate the boys than a girl. After much pleading, they finally relented – and only because she was going to be given a meal at school. Today she is the reason many girls in her locality go to school.

3. Sangeetha
This child’s parents are shepherds, but dream of a great future for her. They can barely afford to sustain themselves but are glad their child goes to school. The meal she gets there is better than what they can give her. She is a bright child who gets very little time to study after school, yet has managed to score well in her exams. She believes she has a lot be thankful for – her open-minded parents, the school and the meal she gets every day.
Stories like these encourage us to keep going, to provide more and help more children. You too can be part of our efforts. Join us in inspiring children who are #HungryForSchool. You can contribute a small amount every year to help a child through school. You can help feed and teach a child and help him/her attain greatness. It is all in your hands.

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