What’s our CTC- Cost to a Child


We often ignore or overlook serious issues that affect our society in a grave manner. With some people it could be unintended, because they are in a relatively comfortable position than the underprivileged. With other people, the most common assumption is that making this world a better place would take tedious effort and a lot of their time. However, when it comes to making a child happy and securing his or her future, the above reasons are incorrect. All it takes to feed a child through the year, and retain his presence in school so he gets educated and grows up to leave a mark in the society is Rs 750. It is that simple and only a click away.

However, one must wonder how the amount to feed a child for a whole year is only Rs 750. It is the result of a meticulously planned and executed procedure to spend this amount on a child’s midday meal at school. Here’s how it is done:

The Total Cost Per Meal to feed a child per day is 7.40 paise. We get a government subsidy through grain and grant that amounts to 4.38 paise. The amount borne by Akshaya Patra is 3.01 paise. The total operations time in a year for the kitchen staff is 232 days. When added over 232 days, this leads to a total of Rs 698.32. However, various aspects need to be considered for the organisation while utilising this amount. One of these is inflation. An estimated level of rise in the prices of raw materials is considered while summing up. This is usually 7.5 per cent of the cost assumed by Akshaya Patra which comes up to Rs 52. All of this adds up to Rs 750.

Furthermore, the cost per meal varies in every state based of different parameters and the average cost of these results in Rs 750. Here’s a representation of the same: (Click on image to view it)


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