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By: Cindy

Nearly four-week-internship in AKSHAYA PATRA is coming to an end with the memory fresh about the emotions mixed with uneasy fear and trembling, expectation and nervous. The first time to know about and work in an NGO.

From the first it was born, AKSHAYA PATRA, the biggest kitchen in the world, is related with children, hunger and education. I prefer its vision—No child in India shall be deprived of education because of hunger.”,compared with lots of slogans of other foundations and NGOs—to improve the development of human and eliminate poverty forever, as it seems simple and pure.

It is a fresh mid-day meal but also a constant care for the children.

We went to a government primary school, where the students can’t speak English. When we told them that we were from AKSHAYA PATRA, children replied instantly, lunch, everyday. Two simple words and the pure smile, are the pride of everyone in AKSHAYA PATRA.

Lunch and everyday are two simple but warm words from them. Day after day for over 10 years, their mission is to deliver the fresh lunch to children’s hands. This is a direct and effective style of doing commonweal, which calls for initiative and perseverance.

The mid-day lunch program attracts big attention from the public. Many famous people joined the program to advertise or promote it. Unfortunately, it calls for milestone-like opportunity to be advanced or reformed into a sustainable program. AKSHAYA PATRA has rich experience in that aspect.

I want to talk about my harvest in emotional part.Every time we visit schools with the aim to get some photos of children having their lunch peacefully but failed with the crowd of children, excited with the delight of seeing foreigners. Once step into the campus, children gathered around us. Although they can’t speak English, they consisted on asking us “where are you from, what’s your name, do you love India?”, cute questions.
We didn’t stay long in the campus and left with the continually byebye.

Once chatting with one colleague graduated not long, he worked in the food industry before came here. He said to me many harvests are hard to measure with salary and this is want he wants. Another middle-aged female colleague said happily she is able to do something for children.

It is soon that we will leave. The bored feeling several days ago changed into miss here. I even start to miss the smell floated everyday from the kitchen and the passionate greetings from the safety guard every morning.

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