Objectives of the Mid-Day Meal Scheme

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By: Angela

Far away from my country, I haven’t thought I whether I could change myself or not, or change others. We live in Dharward’s city centre. This is a city which only have a highway road cross. There is no entertainment, only can find some shops and banks. I think it as a country side. Everyday we go to work and back to the homestay, bored and pale.

One day we have a chance to visit a village school. There, green tree and red earth makes a shock eyes. Women, children and the olds stay in the village. We arrived the school, it’s not big. There’s a playground in front of the classroom and children play on it.

When we got off the car, children crowed with great curiosity and more and more children came to us. Brown skin, black hair, big eyes, it’s my impression. Everything is the same but big smile made a deep memory. They both don’t speak English, but they eager to talk with us. We can communicate with each other only with few sentences like what’s your name and where are you from. To our surprise, they know Jacky Chen and KengFu!!! How can they know that!?

After they saw our camera, they are excited. They really show their longing to take a photo. We are so moving, for their sincere. Maybe they will stay here for whole life, maybe we are the few foreigners they have seen, and maybe after seeing us let them know the great world, let them know that there are many different countries people living in the same world. Maybe we made their have new ideas about the world and life. Whatever, even we can change little, but we actually make a change.

In the month, I have doubted the meaning about this summer, I have complained the boring job, I have felt sad about everyday is the same’ s life. However, in the end, I think we find the truth that why we are in India this summer. The world is changed by us, even is a small blog on the internet, even is some quick glance, even is only 480 hours stay.

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