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Celebrating special days meaningfully, they say, adds significance to the celebration. One such special day is Father’s Day, which celebrates the superhero figure in every child’s life.

A father serves as a guide, an inspiration, a motivator and a support system. Father’s Day reminds us of fathers’ vital role in shaping and directing their children’s lives. It provides an opportunity to reflect on the good deeds and sacrifices these superheroes make for their families.

Father’s Day 2024

Father’s Day is unique because, unlike most other special days, it isn’t associated with a specific date. It is observed annually on the third Sunday in June in several nations, including the US, India, the UK, and Canada. In 2024, Father’s Day will be celebrated on 16 June. However, it is worth noting that there are other countries, such as Australia, Norway, Sweden and Finland, which observe it on some other day instead of the third Sunday in June.

How Father’s Day Originated

Sonora Smart Dodd of Spokane, Washington, is credited with the concept of Father’s Day in the United States. She wanted to pay tribute to her own Civil War veteran father, William Smart, who had raised his children alone on a farm in the eastern part of Washington. Sonora presented The Spokane Ministerial Alliance with the concept of Father’s Day in 1909. Originally, this day was to be observed on 5 June, her father’s birthday. However, the clergy were pressed for time when it came to writing their inaugural sermons. As a result, the first Father’s Day was observed on the third Sunday of June in 1910.

A proclamation designating Father’s Day as an official national day was signed by US President Richard Nixon in 1972. This served as the source of inspiration for Father’s Day celebrations in other parts of the world.

Celebrate Father’s Day with Akshaya Patra

Spending time together on Father’s Day and making enduring memories is a great idea. In India, many people also use this time to express gratitude to and recognise the important male role models in their lives. Globally, on this specific day, numerous non-governmental organisations (NGOs) endeavour to honour fathers; The Akshaya Patra Foundation is one of them.

At Akshaya Patra, we uphold the Father’s Day spirit by taking care of children’s nutrition and ensuring that fathers across 72 locations have one less thing to worry about. With the help of the government and donors, we channelise resources to implement the PM POSHAN Abhiyaan (Mid-Day Meal Programme) nutrition and education. Under this programme, we serve regular mid-day meals to over 2.2 million children in government and government-aided schools across India.

Here is a story of how Akshaya Patra is helping fathers across the country.

Bishnu Gowala is sheer proof that humanity exists. Sole breadwinner in the family, Bishnu works as a mason and tries his best to feed a large family of eight. He lives with his parents, his wife, four children (three sons and a daughter), and a sister and her son. His youngest son, Ankush is studying in IV at Murmuria Line No. 1 LPS, Jorhat, Assam. He receives hot and tasty meals daily from Akshaya Patra at school every day. Speaking of the food his son receives, Bishnu says, “I have to feed eight people thrice every day. But with Ankush getting lunch every day in school, I don’t have to worry about his one meal for the day. He is pleased with the food served here.”

Your contribution to Akshaya Patra will help realise a father’s desire to see his child focus on school and extracurricular activities while eating at least one healthy meal every day. Support Akshaya Patra’s efforts to implement the Mid-Day Meal Programme. Donate online to support freshly cooked meals.

Happy Father’s Day to all fathers who work diligently to provide for their families! Together, we honour and salute you!

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