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All For A Greener Earth This World Environment Day!

World environment day

June 5th every year marks World Environment Day. This day brings to spotlight, the importance of our environment and the need to preserve the environment for the generations to come. This is a time to collectively address the needs of our Mother Earth and seek ways on how to save the environment. Undertaking this task is of supreme importance because, we the 7.4 billion-inhabiting this planet have only one thing in common and i.e. our home.

Every individual’s actions have profound implications on the environment, however minor or major. Mankind’s practices like hyper-consumerism, environmental pollution, tremendous industrialisation, and throwaway culture has caused environmental degradation that is only augmenting with time. To address this issue, we at Akshaya Patra, have adopted eco-friendly methods to implement our Mid-Day Meal Programme.

Biogas Plants: Under the Go Green initiative, Akshaya Patra has adopted new organic waste to biogas systems in its Ballari and Vasanthapura kitchens. These plants convert organic waste into energy thereby reducing cost and dependency on LPG. Besides this, it also produces volumes of enriched organic manure that help supplement chemical fertilizers. The biogas plants also help in eco-friendly handling of food wastages of approximately 20 metric tonne every month. Read more at Biogas Plant at kitchens of Akshaya Patra

Solar Plant: The solar plant installed in the Vasanthapura kitchen runs with the use of photovoltaic (PV) cells that convert sunlight to direct electricity. The electricity generated is not only sustainable but also environment friendly as solar plants produce no environmental pollution (zero emissions). The solar plant generates 1100 units of power thereby saving up to Rs. 8,000 per month on electricity. To know more about it, visit: Solar plant at VK Hill Kitchen

Biomass Briquette:  These are perfect substitutes to coal and charcoal and are used extensively in our kitchens. Through this, we attempt to conserve our much depleting non-renewable sources of energy like coal.

Effluent Treatment Plants: These plants help in scientific handling, disposal and recycling of runoffs and kitchens wastes. This helps in reducing smell and spillage thereby preventing environmental pollution.

Reed Bed Plants: Some kitchens use this measure to curb discharge of untreated water into the environment. Waste water from the kitchen is directed to the Reed Bed Plant which filters the water in a natural way and makes it suitable for irrigation and cleaning of external kitchen areas. While curbing the discharge of untreated water into the ecosystem, this also makes the water reusable.

Recently, Akshaya Patra inaugurated its largest hi-tech kitchen in Kandi, Telangana. This kitchen is equipped with a couple of eco-friendly technologies such as ReFlex Reverse Osmosys System, COMBLOCK Boiler for steam generation, and ANDICOS Waste to Energy Generation System. The ReFlex Reverse Osmosys System and ANDICOS Waste to Energy Generation System are the first of its kind technologies in India and are pro-environment measures. To read more about the Kandi kitchen and its technologies, visit – Hi-Tech Mega Kitchen.

Besides the aforementioned initiatives, Akshaya Patra has also optimised its meal delivery routes to reduce carbon emissions. In precis, we at Akshaya Patra have adopted these eco-friendly initiatives to help conserve our environment. We are determined that these undertakings will save the environment and additionally will help us take bigger strides in feeding more children!

For the benefit of our future generations, Akshaya Patra invites your participation in its efforts to conserve the environment. Please share your ideas and suggestions on how to save the environment in the below comments section.

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School Note

Javeriya – An Aspiring Footballer

Javeriya – Back to school

“I am Javeriya. I aspire to be a footballer. I love football because it teaches me hard work, teamwork, and to help each other.” This is a mature stance of a young 9-year old!

Javeriya is a Standard V student with a strong willpower to become a footballer. She loves music, reading English books, and of course football. For the past one year, Javeriya is undergoing football training at her school. The training is being conducted by Just for Kicks– a not-for-profit that uses football as a medium to teach life lessons to children. She represents the U-12 Girls Football Team – Kadugodi Cheetahs. The Headmistress of her school acknowledges the positive of football. She says it has made the children happier, more active, and more regular to school.

Watch this quick clip of our young footballer in action.

Javeriya is an Akshaya Patra beneficiary. She is one of the many children getting an opportunity to hone her skills through the Foundation’s ‘Give Every Dream A Chance’ initiative. Thus, aside from receiving wholesome school lunch from the Foundation, Javeriya is able to improve her football skills too. But, could it have been possible, if she hadn’t got a chance to attend school or if she had to discontinue schooling? Maybe not! That is why it is important that children attend school and continue to come back to school every day.

Attending school is an important aspect in the development of children. School provides academic knowledge, teaches life skills, makes children confident, and gives them the hope that a brighter future lies ahead of them.

‘Javeriya – An Aspiring Footballer’ is not a “Once upon a time…” story. It is a real story of a real child with a real dream! And, this is the story of just one child. There are millions of such children across the country quietly beholding their talents and dreams, just waiting for a little support. Come forward and be a part of the Back to School campaign. Support Javeriya and many others like her to receive the basics of childhood: wholesome meals, rightful schooling, and a platform to explore, so that they can have a “… happily ever after” future.

We would love to hear from you, so please use the below comment section to share your thoughts and feedbacks.

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