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Give Back to Society this Indian Independence Day

independence day

This August on Indian Independence Day, the nation will complete its diamond jubilee of rebirth from the ashes of British rule.

Every year, on this day, Indians proudly pay tribute to our freedom fighters who fought so that we could enjoy a happier and more secure tomorrow.

But hidden in narrow crevices are many still devoid of basic necessities.

Some of them are even successors of those who bravely protected our land in the face of death seven decades ago. So, in addition to watching the tri-colour unfurl and singing Jana Gana Mana with pride, let’s help our unfortunate and disadvantaged people who deserve freedom from hunger.

Feed for freedom for hunger this Indian Independence Day
Millions of people across India are yet to realize their dream of independence. Families, women and girls face discrimination and struggle to access food, basic hygiene and education. The recent disasters like the floods and landslides made the problem severe by destroying all their previous efforts towards a better life.

On the brighter side, the better-off are increasingly becoming aware that India can achieve self-sufficiency only when the marginalized sections of society receive support until they are self-reliant. And hence, they are actively donating towards their welfare.

Many NGOs are also working day and night to collaborate with donors and elevate the conditions of underprivileged people. Akshaya Patra is one of such recognised NGOs that has been striving for 21 years to primarily support food and education of children.

Today, many children in India do not attend school but, work for a meagre income to support their families. As a result, it becomes a vicious cycle of insufficiency for their future generations.

To break the cycle, Akshaya Patra started to feed the needy children in Government and Government-aided schools through the midday meals programme to motivate children to attend school. Owing to its success, the Foundation is now known for implementing the world’s largest NGO-run school lunch programme.

As the NGO expanded, it began providing disaster relief, feeding homeless mothers, nursing mothers and people in distress as well.

All these initiatives are well-researched and in sync with the government’s vision for a developed India. Hence, it looks for continued support from its donors to help make the sustainable development goal 2 – Zero Hunger possible.

So, give back to society on this Indian Independence Day.
Feed the needy children with Akshaya Patra’s midday meal programme or support any of its initiatives this year to truly free Indians from the unending cycle of hunger and financial insufficiency.

Once again, Happy Independence Day!

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Disaster Relief

Support Akshaya Patra’s Assam Flood Relief Initiative

assam flood relief works

Assam is calling for your help!

55 lakh people of Assam are suffering, having lost their money, homes, security and loved ones in floods and landslides. Over 2 lakh people are struggling in relief camps and the numbers are increasing every 12 hours.

Northeast gets flooded every year. Yet people are considering the floods in Assam this time as “the worst flood in decades” that has hit 28 districts in total. (Source: Quint)

Shops have drowned, schools have been destroyed, and people are coming face-to-face with crocodiles. Main roads have turned into rivers, and children are getting washed away only to be found dead hours later.

The situation is grim and more people are dying each day. The overflowing rivers are killing hundreds and the Central Water Commission has declared the flood status as “severe”.

With all the loss, your donation to NGOs in India and for Akshaya Patra food relief works can help many flood victims survive the catastrophe and the resulting water-borne diseases.
We need your support AGAIN!

Support Akshaya Patra’s Assam Food Relief Programme

We, at Akshaya Patra — an NGO in India, are providing food to flood-affected people in Assam from our kitchen in Guwahati. The cooked meals could be any one of the options below (depending on the availability of raw materials):

• rice, dal and sabzi
• vegetable pulao and sabzi
• plain or vegetable khichdi

We will continue the Akshaya Patra flood relief works until the situation improves. Your kindness until now helped us feed underprivileged school children, pregnant women and nursing mothers for over two decades. And donations from generous people like you repeatedly enabled us to provide disaster relief during floods in Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Chennai, Kerala and Uttarakhand.

Support us while we ensure families in Assam don’t worry about food.

We have served 85,000 meals till now. We need your contribution to reach several lakhs of additional children and their flood-hit families.

Let’s come together to help our friends from Northeast India while nature regains her balance. Donate online to feed the needy residents of Assam.

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