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It is for the second time in a row that World Hunger Day is not an ordinary day. There is much more we need to do as citizens of a country this year. After the COVID-19 pandemic threatened every section of the society, it also exposed the fragility of the agricultural sector that pushed millions of people to the brink of starvation. Food insecurity impacted many people as a result of the loss of jobs and forced them to go to bed hungry.

28th May is celebrated as World Food Day and was started by The Hunger Project in 2011. Now, there is more need to invest in the sustainable end of hunger than ever. Many NGOs work to improve food security, food waste, hunger and malnutrition as a part of their COVID relief service. The Akshaya Patra Foundation is a charity in India that is currently serving meals to the needy people of India. With great support from the Central Government, State Government and District authorities coupled with generous donations from various individuals and corporate donors, it began its COVID Relief Service on 25th March 2020 during the first lockdown and has never stopped its feeding service till date. To address immediate hunger in migrants, daily wagers, labourers and needy people of India, the Foundation served freshly cooked meals and distributed grocery kits that could equip a family with ration for almost a month.

How can you provide help during this COVID crisis?
Support Akshaya Patra in its feeding initiatives to help the needy people with the much-required meals during this pandemic.

• Donate online
Provide food assistance to marginalised sections of the society that is deeply affected by the pandemic. They may not fear the virus as much as they fear dying from hunger in this tough time. Feed meals to the needy people of India with Akshaya Patra. The NGO is currently serving rice, dal, khichdi/roti and subzi in 28 locations of India.
Apart from serving cooked meals, Akshaya Patra also provides grocery kits to needy families. Every grocery kit contains ration and vegetables that can help in the preparation of 42/28 meals depending on the location served. Ingredients in the grocery kits will vary in every state to cater to the local taste. Currently, Akshaya Patra distributes grocery kits in 32 locations of India.

akshaya patra

• Fundraising campaign to feed the needy people
Be a part of Akshaya Patra’s fundraising campaign to support its feeding initiatives. You can also start a fundraising campaign to show your support towards providing food in this crisis. All you have to do is:

Start a Campaign: Sign in or register and create an online fundraising campaign by filling in the required details.
Create Awareness: Once the campaign has been created, share the link on Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels and let your friends know.
Raise Funds: Tell your friends and family that they can support Akshaya Patra by contributing to your purposeful campaign.
Make an Impact: Know that all the funds raised through your campaign will be utilised to provide nutritious meals every day!

• Create awareness on Social Media
Be a social media supporter of Akshaya Patra. Follow and like the NGO on various social media platforms and comment or share on the updates of the organisation. Be aware of what is happening in the charity and what are its new initiatives.

This World Hunger Day, make your presence felt, support Akshaya Patra to eliminate hunger in the lower strata of the society. Use your generosity to bring about a positive change in the lives of needy people by supporting the COVID-19 Relief Service.

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