World Hunger Day

Billions of people worldwide lack adequate access to food and hunger continues to claim more lives than conflict. Despite our increasing food production, the threat of hunger and malnutrition still exists.

This World Hunger Day, on 28 May, here are a few things you can do to address hunger:

Donate Food: Many organisations dedicated to feeding initiatives welcome donations of food items that are largely non-perishable, such as grains, oil, and specific fruits and vegetables. Then they are given out to those in need. The next time you go for groceries, buy a little extra that can be donated.

Initiate a Conversation: You can talk to people on why an issue as grave as hunger must be addressed and form a group, raise money and then donate it to an NGO that provides food to the hungry.

Volunteer: Every city organises soup kitchens (a soup kitchen is a place where food is offered to the hungry usually for free or sometimes at a below-market price), where mostly one-pot meals are cooked or have organisations like us where meals are prepared throughout the year to serve certain vulnerable sections of society. You can volunteer in the preparation, distribution or other activities connected to the cause.

Monetary Donation: Every penny matters. You can extend financial support to charitable organisations that have made a commitment to address hunger. Every donation you make in support of an organisation like us, is used for serving meals to government school children, pregnant and lactating mothers at anganwadi centres and elderly mothers living in ashrams, to ensure that they have adequate food every day.

How your support to an organisation like Akshaya Patra can change the hunger scenario

Akshaya Patra was founded in 2000 with the straightforward idea to provide food for students in order to increase enrolment and retain them in school through a hot, nourishing meal every day. Currently, 2 million children are served and we aim to feed 3 million children by 2025.

When you support us, you are not only helping us serve meals to children from backgrounds with limited opportunities, but also helping them pursue their education and dreams and break the poverty cycle. This aids us to work towards a sustainable solution to end hunger.

Extend your support to The Akshaya Patra Foundation and help address hunger on this World Hunger Day.

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