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You must have often heard your mother say, “Eat something! You won’t be able to focus unless your stomach is full.” And I am sure we all have brushed it away several times.

One can go without food for a day or two, but the consequences can be fatal if one starves for a long time. Long-term hunger and undernourishment impair concentration and thus, the learning ability is compromised.

Today, millions of children from challenging backgrounds in India starve for days, months and sometimes even YEARS! Not only can they not focus on learning, but they also face many deficiencies, leave alone losing hopes of aspiring and achieving. Because instinctually, they want to earn just enough so that they can eat at least one meal a day!
In such a situation, the capability and desire to dream is lost among them!

The question is if they lack the will to achieve great things, how will the marginalised sections in India overcome their unfavorable circumstances?
When the zeal to achieve is lost, so is the possibility for India to produce future leaders and gold medalists.

Therefore, we must, as responsible citizens of the nation, donate to feed the children from low socio-economic communities. We must aim to climb the ladder of development along with those who are not as fortunate as others.

Because their dreams too have the power to transform the future of India!

Stories from Akshaya Patra

Akshaya Patra had its humble beginnings in 2000 by feeding 1,500 children. It took thousands of approvals and years of research to build an NGO in India that has been winning accolades for the quality of mid-day meals (MDM) it provides in schools.

Akshaya Patra supports the Government of India to effectively implement its Mid Day Meal Scheme (MDM) launched in 2001. Today, its 1.8 million beneficiaries dream with hope, courage and belief in their potential to achieve their goals. Here is a glimpse into what they have to say.

Your vital contribution towards children

One can make an easy contribution to NGOs in India through several platforms. For instance, you can make an online donation towards the Mid Day Meal Scheme on The Akshaya Patra Foundation’s website with a few clicks. You can also raise a fundraiser on the website with minimum requirements of entering a title, image, the date the campaign will end and the amount you wish to raise.

With Akshaya Patra, you can also donate for steel meal plates and tumblers that help children to eat from. This will ensure hygienic and safe meals for school children. Alternatively, you can also donate a vehicle or spread the word about this NGO’s work on your social media handles.

Any generous contribution from you will help Akshaya Patra reach more locations, inaugurate more kitchens, develop processes and ultimately feed more children. Now, the power to decide what India’s future will look like, lies in your hands.

Donate to feed 1.8 million children in 19,037 schools across 61 locations today!

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