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Spread the word about #HungryForSchool


Confess! How many hours a day do you spend on social media? Even if you’re in a self-imposed exile, the temptation to take a quick peek at a friend’s picture on Instagram or Facebook, or read your favourite celebrity’s tweet is simply irresistible. Whether we accept it or not, whether we like it or claim not to like it, we’re all clocking hours on the social scene. That gave us an idea – why not put all those hours to good use? Why not use it to spread the word about #HungryForSchool.

Our plan is really simple. Every day when you log in to your favourite social media website, send out a small message to all your friends – using the hash tag #HungryForSchool.

It could be about your feelings towards children going hungry every day. It could be about people wasting food when there are millions in need of it. Or it could be about education. Or progress. Or the country’s future. Or even ideas that could help us reach out to more children. Express yourself, move others to action and work towards change.

We’re listening to each one of you, and paying close attention to each message that comes in with the hash tag. Through a concerted effort we can make this an empowering movement. Let us all work towards the same goal – feeding and educating India’s future. Let us spread the word about #HungryForSchool.

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