Akshaya Patra begins ‘Orbit Shifting Innovation’


Our vision at Akshaya Patra is that ‘No child in India shall be deprived of education because of hunger’ and we have taken it as our mission to reach 5 million children by 2020.

A vision of this magnitude requires thinking and functioning far beyond the traditional approach. We have identified and are committed to innovation as the route to reach there. Not any innovation, but Orbit Shifting Innovation™. We are partnering with the best innovation mind in the industry, Erehwon Innovation Consulting – a pioneering innovation consulting firm that has developed Orbit Shifting Innovation™, as a methodology over the past 22 years through cutting edge research and engagements with several corporates around the world.

Akshaya Patra and Erehwon have begun a journey to institutionalise and embed innovation into the DNA of Akshaya Patra such that innovation becomes the ‘Defining’ and ‘Driving’ element in the working and functioning of the organisation. Through this journey, Akshaya Patra will expand its innovation portfolio in strategy and operations, embed innovation practices and rhythms into the organisation, and build the right structures and capability.

The first leg of the journey begins with setting up an institutional design for innovation and transforming the operations of our kitchens. As we get started, watch this space for more updates!

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