Mothers are the pillars of strength


Nothing in the world compares to the love of a mother. It is the strongest, most selfless of emotions. The bond between mother and child is forged before the child is born and has the power to withstand all storms. Mother’s Day, commemorated on May 14 this year (the second Sunday of May) celebrates this bond.

Akshaya Patra has always had the great pleasure of supporting mothers through its school lunch programme. These mothers include those of our beneficiaries, who have a lesser load to shoulder, since their children get a healthy meal in school every day.

Among the 2,352 ladies who work for our Foundation, many are mothers. Some of their children also get to have school meals which their mothers have helped in preparing at our kitchens. And what could be a greater joy for a mother than ensuring that children – those who are her own and those who aren’t – have a smile of satisfaction on their faces, thanks to a good meal?

We also run our Anganwadi feeding programme across 3,079 Anganwadi centres, reaching 1,52,041 children between the ages of 0-6 years. This programme is operational in seven locations of five Indian states. Besides caring for these infants, we serve our nutritious meals to close to 6,000 expecting and lactating mothers in 298 centres in Jaipur. Akshaya Patra knows that periods of expectancy and lactation are critical junctions in the life of mothers and children and thus ensures that they get ample food and the right amount of nutrition during this time.

Mothers are an integral part of Akshaya Patra’s philosophy. This Mother’s Day, support these wonderful women by helping us feed their beloved children a hot, nutritious school lunch every day! You can donate here.

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