Hunger action month

Food has the capacity to either make or break a person. For the body to fight against various infections, diseases or malnutrition, a well-balanced diet is of prime importance. The quality of food that a person consumes, determines how the quality of their life is.

Every individual must be educated about the importance of nutrition, hence, the government of India launched a campaign in 1982 to raise awareness and to encourage everyone to understand the importance of adopting a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. National Nutrition Week is celebrated between 1st-7th September every year since then.

With the COVID pandemic wreaking havoc in people’s liveso, this year’s theme is “feeding smart right from start” with which the government aims to provide information on how adults and children alike, can benefit from a god diet, right from birth. You can either provide food for the hungry or make them aware of nutritional values present in different food items.

Nutritional values in Akshaya Patra’s food
Nutritional values of various dishes are very difficult to calculate. However, we can know the nutritional value of every single ingredient that goes into specific dishes. Akshaya Patra provides nutritious school meals to mid-day meal beneficiaries, freshly-cooked meals to people affected by the COVID pandemic and other low-income sections of India that need food assistance (construction-site workers, aged people, grave-diggers, sweepers and cleaners, auto rickshaw drivers, etc.).

What goes into Akshaya Patra’s food?
Whether meals are cooked for mid-day meal beneficiaries or people affected during the COVID pandemic, The Akshaya Patra Foundation follows strict hygiene and safety practices to prepare food to feed the needy people of India during the COVID crisis. All the kitchens that are equipped to prepare meals on a large scale implement food Safety Management Systems to handle, prepare and deliver food.

midday meal meals
midday meal meals

How can you support to make Zero Hunger possible?
You can support this NGO in India by making online donations through September (Hunger Action Month) and throughout the year. Today, there are lots of people who are not able to get food for their survival due to their economical situations.

Your contribution towards Akshaya Patra ensures no one goes hungry. This Hunger Action Month, let’s #FeedToDefeatHunger.

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