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With mothers around us, every day is a gift. We have everything at our service, be it food, coffee, snacks, clean room, organised cupboards or anything under the sun; all thanks to our mother figure. When we don’t find something, the first thing that comes to our head is “Mom! Where is my…….?” and for all you know, she will be standing with it in her hand.

A mother is a replica of sacrifice and selflessness. A day dedicated to all the mothers, motherhood and maternal influences, was needed. In 1914, the second Sunday of May was dedicated to celebrating Mother’s Day.

How can you celebrate Mother’s Day in the pandemic?
This year, Mother’s Day celebrations are going to be a tad bit different just like the last year. We all have to sit in the safe zone of our houses and yet make this day special for the beautiful woman, we call ‘Mother’.

Give her flowers
Flowers are one of the best creations of nature that can bring a smile to everyone’s face. A bouquet or a single flower can brighten up the day of your mother or your wife or any other person who plays the role of a mother in life.

Give her a day off from the kitchen
Having a mother by your side is a feel-good factor in itself. She silently works hard in the kitchen just to ensure that you eat healthy and yummy food. On this 9th May 2021, give your mother a day off from the monotonous routine of cooking. Take care of the kitchen chores by beginning with breakfast, lunch, tea, snacks and dinner, for just one day and you will want to help her more every other day.

Give her a special gift by practicing her values
A mother is Pandora’s box of values and virtues. It is time you show her that you have learnt all her teachings well. Donate in her honour on this special day with Akshaya Patra. Show her that you care for your fellow beings who are in need in this tough time of the pandemic.

Akshaya Patra’s COVID-19 Relief Service
Akshaya Patra is currently providing freshly cooked meals to needy people and grocery kits to support the survival of marginalised families. Apart from this, the Foundation also supports the food and education of its mid-day meal beneficiaries by distributing happiness kits. As of 30th April 2020, the NGO has served a cumulative of 12.40-crores and will continue its feeding service as long as people require it.

Make Akshaya Patra a part of your Mother’s Day celebrations by making online donations from the safety of your homes so that nobody has to suffer from a hunger crisis. Show her that you have learnt well from her by donating in your mother’s name.

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