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‘Natural disasters may destroy great cities…’
Every year, states and cities of India experience natural disasters. And this time of the year, it is Uttarakhand and the cities of Tamil Nadu that suffered during the floods. It is a pitiable sight to see the plight of families affected by the wrath of nature. It has caused loss of lives, property damage and injuries to many people. To provide flood relief to victims who suffer without food and shelter. The governments of the respective states are doing their best to assist such families and individuals. Many individuals were evacuated from the flooded areas to relief centres run by certain groups or NGOs.

Help from NGOs in India
To ensure that flood relief reaches every individual in need, non-profit organisations took it upon themselves to feed and protect them. The Akshaya Patra Foundation is an NGO in India that has partnered with the Central Government, State Governments and District Authorities to provide food relief to flood victims.

Akshaya Patra’s flood relief in Chennai in 2021
Chennai – the manufacturing capital of India came to a standstill in one single night. Cars were submerged underwater, trees were uprooted and the city came to a standstill. Food relief centres and medical camps were opened up in various places. The Greater Chennai Corporation asked NGOs and corporate entities to take part in relief work. One such NGO that fed flood victims of Chennai was Akshaya Patra. Those in need in Puducherry and the surrounding districts received cooked meals and grocery kits. Apart from this, the NGO in India also supplied 10 tonnes of rice.

Akshaya Patra’s flood relief in Uttarakhand in 2021
Uttarakhand suffers from natural calamities like landslides, torrential rains, flash floods, etc. The erratic weather conditions make way for insecurity and adverse effects. Many people are left homeless, have lost livelihoods, and suffer huge losses. They have so much to think of – how they will rebuild their lives, how they will take care of their family, etc. The first thing on their mind is how do they survive?

The Akshaya Patra Foundation’s Gadarpur kitchen is currently cooking meals to support people who suffer in and around the surrounding areas of Rudrapur. Working in association with the Government of Uttarakhand, freshly cooked meals (khichdi/rice and dal) are provided to people in distress.

As the need to feed people in distress increases, Akshaya Patra continues to serve freshly cooked meals and kits to provide food assistance. Though the core service of this NGO in India is to serve mid-day meals to school children, it does not back off from cooking for disaster-struck victims of the country. It has earned the distinction of being the world’s largest NGO run school lunch programme, serving freshly cooked nutritious mid-day meals to over 1.8 million children in 19,039 schools of 13 states & 1 union territory of India.

Join hands with Akshaya Patra; donate online and support to help nutritious meals reach people in need.

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