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Friendship Day is celebrated across the globe on different days to encourage global bonding. Most of us celebrate it on the first Sunday of August. It is celebrated in India this year on 2nd August. This is the day when one can see teenagers and children adorning their hands with colourful bands, as a mark of celebrating a promise to each other – a promise of long-lasting friendship.

Friendship Day holds a special place in everyone’s heart. It is the one day we dedicate to our friends because of the special place they hold in our lives.

Friendships mature according to our age; but as children, it is all about sharing likes or dislikes and being with each other always.

83% of children regularly spend time with close friends in schools

Schools are a place where long-lasting friendships are made. Here is a story of two children who grew up in each other’s company and go to the same school in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Atul is a small boy studying in CPS Gujarati Medium – Kalol, Ahmedabad. His mother runs a tea stall and he does not know the whereabouts of his father. His mother was not making enough money to feed five empty stomachs daily. One day, he decided to lend a helping hand to his mother; he started seeking alms in a nearby temple without his mother’s knowledge. He sat next to another young boy named Deepak, who sat with his mother, tugging at people’s clothes to grab attention. Both of them spoke about their difficult situations. Their helpless circumstances brought them together and they are inseparable since then.

One day, Atul came running to his mother who seemed to be discussing at length with Deepak’s mother about something extremely important. All he could hear was about free food. All students in CPS Gujarati Medium School were served free meals, and they both were soon going to be a part of it too. From then onwards, they go to school daily and share everything they have – starting from clothes, books, food, etc.

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Atul says, “I come to school regularly because I get to eat,” and Deepak nods his head in agreement.

Between million reasons to cry, these friends have a million reasons to be happy and one is for the mid-day meals served by Akshaya Patra. On this Friendship Day, celebrate friendship that has helped you surpass difficult times and donate in the hope that many such friendships surface through the medium of food.

The Akshaya Patra Foundation is an NGO in India that feeds mid-day meals to children studying in Government and Government-assisted schools. With your online donations, you become the medium for children to socialise and make friends while they savour their daily school meals.
This Friendship Day, tie a virtual friendship band with your support.

Reminisce your friendship on this Friendship Day! Celebrate with Akshaya Patra

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