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Indian Republic Day is celebrated on 26th January every year to commemorate the day ‘Constitution of India’ came into force. India was declared as a Republic on this day in 1950 and is declared as a National Holiday. Educational institutions organise patriotic programmes to pay homage to martyrs of our freedom struggle.

School children in India celebrate this day with great pride. When institutions organise competitions like quiz, fancy dress, singing and dancing, children take part in them with enthusiasm. National songs, the National Anthem and many other patriotic songs are sung that precede the unfurling of National Flag. The words of the Indian constitution are inscribed deep in us by our teachers that ‘We, the people of India’ will stand together as a nation that is undivided by any caste, creed or religion. These ideals and morals make us responsible citizens and imbibe generosity to help the people who need us.

There are millions of people who need our support every day. These could include daily-wage workers, labourers, senior citizens, people from challenging economic backgrounds, marginalised families, etc.
Akshaya Patra and its service

To help these sections of the society, The Akshaya Patra Foundation, an NGO in India works on a private partnership model to feed school children who are the future of the country. The Foundation provides healthy meals to 1.8 million children studying in Government and Government-aided schools of India. Spread across 52 locations of India, healthy meals are provided on a daily basis in 12 States and 2 Union Territories.

Here are a few stories of children who have enjoyed their mid-day meals


stories of children
An 11-year-old student of Government Primary School, New Baldev (Mathura), Kapil wants to become an Army Officer. Though he is born to a normal hardworking couple, he has never thought little of his dreams. He says he is aware of what he has to do once he finishes his studies. He is ready for the drill of hanging on ropes, climbing walls and doing push-ups holding rods.
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stories of children
10-year old Aishwarya is a 4th standard student studying in M.P. Prathamika Patashala. She dreams of becoming a District Collector so that she can make India a corruption-free nation. The hardships that she and her family have faced, does not demotivate her or derail her from the path of achieving her dreams. Her dream motivates her to study hard every day so much that she has not missed even a single day of school.
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Since many schools have shut down, children are forced to study at home. 1.8 million children were bereft of mid-day meals. Hence, the NGO started the Happiness Kits initiative to support their health, immunity, hygiene and learning.

Akshaya Patra also serves meals during the times of a disaster. For example, when Coronavirus instilled fear in the whole nation that went under a lockdown, the non-profit organisation started the COVID-19 Relief Service. As a part of this programme, hot and freshly cooked, nutritious meals are served to the people from low-income sections of the society.

Nurture and feed the people of India today; they are the section of the population that needs your support the most. Extend your generosity with Akshaya Patra.

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