Republic Day

Observing a child’s eyes sparkle with happiness after receiving a hot and nourishing mid-day meal every school day is quite delightful. These meals not only give children the nourishment they need to grow, but also motivate for them to continue attending school. This reduces absenteeism and the dropout rate. Children are better able to work towards their dreams and are encouraged to continue their schooling as a result.

As we mark the adoption of the Indian Constitution on Republic Day, we should take a moment to consider our country’s achievements and make a commitment to developing young minds in order to create a bright and beautiful future.

Here are a few stories of some of the beneficiaries of The Akshaya Patra Foundation and their aspirations.

These children have big dreams. It the role of NGOs and our responsibility to support them in taking the next steps towards realising their dreams and aspirations and help in nation-building. As responsible Indian citizens, let’s come together to feed the children and provide them a reason to attend school each day.

Donate online to Akshaya Patra and help children realise their dreams. Save tax!

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