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What’s your New Year Resolution?


The start of the New Year is approaching and it’s the time to make fresh resolutions. Perhaps you would like to live a healthier lifestyle, spend more time with your family, or take up a hobby.. or you could pledge to fund one child’s food for education every month for an entire year!

That sounds like a pledge worth taking up! By donating just Rs. 750 every month to Akshaya Patra you can feed twelve children for an entire year each! That’s one more year of keeping them in school and giving them the opportunity to achieve their dreams.

Every year we look within ourselves to find the best possible New Year resolution that has the potential to transform our lives. Imagine the joy and satisfaction of adopting a resolution that will transform the lives of twelve little children. Your helping hand in 2015 could give them the boost they need for the rest of their lives.

Make this New Year an auspicious occasion, and keep the goodwill flowing with monthly donations that will encourage, inspire and educate a child. Make a donation on the occasion of New Year here.

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