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Light the way to classroom nutrition


Diwali, one of the most important festivals of India, is a time of celebration and camaraderie. It is also the biggest gift-giving and shopping festival of India, where presents are showered lavishly on near and dear family and friends.

With crores of rupees being spent across India every year to celebrate this festival of prosperity, we thought of a more wholesome way to take part in the festivities this year. How about celebrating this occasion by contributing to help save a child from classroom hunger?

A donation to Akshaya Patra will provide a hungry child with the nutrition he/she needs and give him/her an incentive to attend school and get educated. In fact, a donation of Rs. 2250 will feed three children for an entire year! This special donation on the occasion of Diwali will make the festivities even more auspicious and memorable for you and your entire family.

So this year have a fabulous Diwali, celebrate in style or scale down for a quiet family dinner, but make your celebrations a little extra special by giving a child the invaluable gift of education.

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