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Javeriya – An Aspiring Footballer

Javeriya – Back to school

“I am Javeriya. I aspire to be a footballer. I love football because it teaches me hard work, teamwork, and to help each other.” This is a mature stance of a young 9-year old!

Javeriya is a Standard V student with a strong willpower to become a footballer. She loves music, reading English books, and of course football. For the past one year, Javeriya is undergoing football training at her school. The training is being conducted by Just for Kicks– a not-for-profit that uses football as a medium to teach life lessons to children. She represents the U-12 Girls Football Team – Kadugodi Cheetahs. The Headmistress of her school acknowledges the positive of football. She says it has made the children happier, more active, and more regular to school.

Watch this quick clip of our young footballer in action.

Javeriya is an Akshaya Patra beneficiary. She is one of the many children getting an opportunity to hone her skills through the Foundation’s ‘Give Every Dream A Chance’ initiative. Thus, aside from receiving wholesome school lunch from the Foundation, Javeriya is able to improve her football skills too. But, could it have been possible, if she hadn’t got a chance to attend school or if she had to discontinue schooling? Maybe not! That is why it is important that children attend school and continue to come back to school every day.

Attending school is an important aspect in the development of children. School provides academic knowledge, teaches life skills, makes children confident, and gives them the hope that a brighter future lies ahead of them.

‘Javeriya – An Aspiring Footballer’ is not a “Once upon a time…” story. It is a real story of a real child with a real dream! And, this is the story of just one child. There are millions of such children across the country quietly beholding their talents and dreams, just waiting for a little support. Come forward and be a part of the Back to School campaign. Support Javeriya and many others like her to receive the basics of childhood: wholesome meals, rightful schooling, and a platform to explore, so that they can have a “… happily ever after” future.

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