Christmas is almost here! A holiday celebrated by all; some for its cultural significance and some for the religious. Christmas celebration often revolves around gift giving, Christmas tree decoration, baking cakes and other treats, stringing lights, etc. However, the true spirit of Christmas is in the joyful gathering of friends and family to share delicious food, nostalgic tales, hearty laugh and loads of love.

The reason we celebrate Christmas is to spread love and happiness. This Christmas, spread the cheer of the festival by sharing the invaluable gift of love with those in need. You can choose to support a cause that resonates the most with you.

Gift a healthy start to the day
Breakfast kick-starts metabolism and helps in burning calories through the day. It gives the energy needed to get things done and focus on learning. This Christmas, you can give the gift of breakfast to children in government schools with our Breakfast Feeding Programme. Since the first meal of the day is so important for a child’s physical development and for keeping them active, alert and focused in the classroom, this effort has a significant positive impact on young children.

Gift the joy of school lunch
Through the PM POSHAN Abhiyaan or Mid-Day Meal (MDM) Programme, Akshaya Patra has endeavoured to alleviate classroom hunger, encouraging underprivileged children to get an education and aspire to a brighter future since 22 years. This Christmas, support our programme with your generosity and gift children a healthy future. Your gift of healthy mid-day meals will support their nutrition and education and pave way for them to carve a bright future for themselves and their families.

Gift ageless joy to the aged
Mothers are the ultimate embodiment of love, care and compassion. As a part of your Christmas celebrations, you can gift health, dignity and respect to senior mothers living at ashrams by contributing to Akshaya Patra’s Homeless Mothers Feeding Programme. Under this programme, we ensure that aged mothers are eat well and lead a dignified life.

Gift happiness beyond meals
Gift ‘learning for all’ to children from backgrounds with limited opportunities. Celebrate the season of merriment, by supporting our National Endeavour for Student Transformation (NEST), a set of initiatives that go beyond the meals to facilitate overall development of children. We cater to thousands of children through our three NEST initiatives: Digital Education Programme, AVSAR Scholarship Programme and the School Rejuvenation Programme. Your collective support will help us keep the momentum going. Lend your helping hand to ensure our future generation is educated.

Christmas is a celebration of love and joyfulness. It is also a reminder of the importance of giving back. As we immerse ourselves into Christmas celebrations, let us not forget the joy that comes from helping others. This festive season, let’s spread joy and kindness.

Donate for children. No matter how big or small, every act of kindness matters! You can claim a tax deduction on your donation under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, of 1961.

Help others this Christmas. Share the joy of this festive season!

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