Bloggers Throng ‘City of Joy’ for Akshaya Patra

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On a sunny morning of Sunday, a community of bloggers from the city of joy woke up to gather around for a cause. A cause focused at feeding 5 million under-privileged children by the end of this decade. Over 100 bloggers from Kolkata and around trickled in to support Akshaya Patra Foundation, the world’s largest NGO-run school mid day meal programme in continuing their magical endeavour of feeding almost 1.3 million kids across 18 locations in India. An initial attempt by this community of internet enthusiasts was to put their voice into words, not by typing on a computer screen, but by using spray paint onto a huge plain white graffiti board placed on the stage. One of the messages, loud and clear was “Get them out of jobs… Get them into schools”. The gathering consisted of bloggers from diversified fields. Some wrote personal blogs while the others focused on technical developments. A few others seemed to have passion in art and literature. However each one present had a common fervor…a common cause to support Akshaya Patra and help the foundation to reach out and fight hunger and poverty.

IndiBlogger. a community of 25,000 Indian bloggers spread across the world, brought together over 100 members of their community. A huge contribution concealed in a non-contemporary fashion as the core objective of IndiBlogger.In is to understand, measure and promote the Indian blogging culture and thereby bringing the community to blog for a noble cause.

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Indiblogger_kolkata_img2 The platform for the Indiblogger meet in Kolkata was firmly set by Infinity Infotech Parks Ltd, a collaboration of great minds who have helped Akshaya Patra in walking an extra mile in the journey so far. Mr. Pulak Chamaria, President and Executive Director of Infinity graced the occasion with his presence. “Communities such as these coming together to support the vision of Akshaya Patra Foundation is overwhelming” he said. Mr. Suparno Moitra, Regional Manager, NASSCOM, who has been a well-wisher of Akshaya Patra also spoke on the occasion and said “It is each one of our responsibility to go back home and get at least 2 supporters for Akshaya Patra which would help in increasing the supporter base for Akshaya Patra”.


Kolkata Indiblogger meet An inspiring video of a speech delivered by Mr. N R Narayan Murthy, Founder-Chairman of Infosys Technologies Ltd engaged the audience and provided them with more insight about the Foundation. Interactive activities as a part of the half-day event encouraged several bloggers to be enthusiastic of volunteering for Akshaya Patra. “I am very excited about volunteering for Akshaya Patra. I would go back home and write blogs about the good work being done by the foundation” said one of the bloggers who attended the meet.

The event concluded with a flavor of music revolving around children by ‘Five Little Indians’ a popular rock band in Kolkata.

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