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Akshaya Patra for “Right To Education”

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Akshaya Patra welcomes Government of India’s decision to implement law to provide free and compulsory education to all children in age group of 6-14 years.

With the implementation of this law we can ensure that every child gets education which is a key to success.

At present, there are nearly 22 crore children in the relevant age group. However, 4.6 per cent of these children (nearly 92 lakh) are out of school. Source: Ministry Official, Govt of India.

Due to the hunger in their bellies, children from weaker sections of society are often forced to go to hazardous working environments instead of classrooms where they ought to be. Some of those who do manage to attend the school perform poorly because of short attention spans and extreme hunger.

Akshaya Patra started the initiative of school meal program after realizing that a nutritious school meal is an effective means of getting underprivileged children come to school and complete their education.

“Through the implementation of this historic law Government of India wants to ensure quality education to children. And Akshaya Patra praised the Government of India in this initiative to ensure that “no child in India is deprived of education because of hunger”, said Sri.Chanchalapathi Dasa, Vice Chairman, Akshaya Patra Foundation.

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  1. akshayapatra has done so much appreciable work in India, that we are so obliged. The concept is so very pious, its a debt on all us to support such a noble cause.

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