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Let us come together to donate for a cause. Partner with Akshaya Patra to feed mid-day meals to school children and make them attentive in their schools. This in turn will help us pave way for the future generation of young adults who strive to achieve their dreams. Donate to the Foundation and help so that healthy meals reach many more school children.

Have you heard of the saying ‘The most valuable things don’t cost any money?’ This only establishes the fact that small things bring joy in every individual’s life. Little things like meeting your long lost friend, sipping on a hot cup of coffee while it is raining, getting a gift from your loved one when you are least expecting it, getting a plate of hot food when it is cold outside and many such things add in great joy in our mundane lives. Small things matter because they have the potency to bring smiles that reach the corner of our eyes.

Have you seen pictures that depict stories of children playing in school grounds with broken bats and ruffled shuttles? No matter what the situation they were in, their smiles said it all – they were happy. How would you feel if you were to become a source of their happiness?

Yes! You can bring in joy into their lives. The role of NGOs is to work towards various causes related to children, women, senior citizens, their health, education, environment, and more.

One such organisation is The Akshaya Patra Foundation that has been working constantly with the vision that ‘no child should be deprived of education due to hunger’ for the last 19 years. It started implementing the Mid-Day Meal Programme in Government and Government-aided schools across India. It feeds school children with nutritious and healthy meals so that food becomes a catalyst to encourage children to go to school.

Millions of children are out-of-school at the moment. All they wish for is a miracle that can take them to school; for they know only education can pave way to reach the goals their tender hearts hold. At such a juncture the school meals act no less than a miracle. These meals are an incentive for families belonging to challenging socio-economic backgrounds to send their children to school Invoking the humane side in us, let us work together to bring children to school by providing them the much-needed meals and make them future ready to achieve their dreams and goals. You can partner with Akshaya Patra and help nourish 1.8 million+ children with healthy and wholesome food on every school day.

You can donate online for the cause of food and education and prepare an intelligent army, group of architectures, doctors, teachers, astronauts and entrepreneurs. You not only gain satisfaction out of performing a selfless act, you also get tax exemption certificate instantly as the Foundation is registered under Section 80G of Income Tax Act.

Engulf yourself with the warmth of contentment that you made a child smile.
Join hands to feed & fulfill dreams of school children.

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