A Glimpse of The Fascinating World of Akshaya Patra’s Mega Kitchens


This photo blog is a visual inspiration for all those who are intrigued and fascinated by our colossal kitchens. This blog will give you an intimate look into an Akshaya Patra kitchen, with photographs of how exactly we accomplish feeding 1.5 million children daily!

At each of our 22 kitchens, staff starts their daily ritual of cooking at 3am every morning. By 9 am, we have tasty and wholesome meals ready to spread cheer to millions of children across India.

At 11pm, while the rest of India still slumbers, kitchen staff starts arriving at our facilities in batches, to kick-start the day’s cooking. Pre-processing activities include, kitting of raw materials from the production upon verification, grinding of coconuts, mixing of spices, chopping and slicing of vegetables and cleaning of raw materials.

img-05     img-14     img-25
By 1 am, the boiler operations start. Briquettes are loaded into the boilers for generating steam.


At 3 am, post the boiler operations and pre-processing activities, the core task of cooking starts.

img-21     img-16     img-17

By 9 am piping hot food is packed in 304 grade steam sterilised vessels and our Blue buses are ready to whisk the gates of Akshaya Patra kitchens.

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