Vivek Oberoi thinks Akshaya Patra has lessons for IIM students. What are they?

Vivek Oberoi supports

The Akshaya Patra Foundation had the pleasure of hosting Vivek Oberoi at our kitchen. He was impressed and thought Akshaya Patra has some great lessons to teach IIM students. The actor thinks that while making a difference to the lives of many, the organisation gives an exceptional example of bang for the buck. He appreciated the working methodology adopted by the foundation while coordinating with the Government, bringing together resources, raising funds and executing.

During his visit he realised that the cauldrons, trolleys, rice chutes, dal/sambar tanks, cutting boards, knives and other similar equipment are well sanitised before usage. He also learnt that the vans are designed in such a way that the food remains hot even when they travel 100+ km.

The Foundation has been awarded the prestigious CII National Lean Six Sigma Award in September 2016 – it is given to establishments which religiously follow Six Sigma techniques to help improve their efficiency at work.

Watch the video to hear him speak about Akshaya Patra’s impressive organisational and operational efficiency!

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