The Blue Bus Of Hope

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The chugging of the mill by the yard,

Have no ears of expectation and heed.

The toots and tweets of the mobile jungle

Could raise no alarm indeed.

When the clock keeps counting

Hunger in the midst surmounting

But hope in fix support the earnest–

A day to change for the best.


The heartbeats are almost palpable

For anyone to stick a label.

The eyes of unblemished faith gleam–

A few smiles settle the aura

What shall come is not a story,

But a promise that stays and lives

Feeds the tender minds and sinews

To face each day renewed.


It takes turns and burns the miles

Loaded with sundry reasons to smile.

The numbed clang of steels inside,

With fresh meals invite all visitors young.

It changes lane and appears on the vanes,

The colour azure stands apart,

The marks and symbols are signs of scheme

That would change a child’s dream.


That little blue bus hopping on the pebbles

Has arrived to feed the little folks.

Every day is marked a good day–

With smiles and giggles of innocence,

Echo rebound the compound wall.

The sight is a worthy scene to reveal

How little can have so much weight

Enough to drive us further ahead.


It is not just a meal a day.

Grains add fuel to aspirations

Soup that nourish the souls and spirits

The blue bus does bring light and delight.

Children sing ode and praises after,

Renewed strength and vigour run their moods

They know a brighter day lies in wait

A day of new lessons and visions.


The blue bus of hope and promise ply–

A trend of an unbroken tread each day

Many dreams need a fresh morning

Many wishes need to be true

Many miles on their little legs

Many songs to sing along

Many lessons to learn, books to read

For a better, brighter tomorrow to come.

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