S.S. Rajamouli Supports Akshaya Patra’s #iShareMyLunch Campaign

I Share My Lunch

Do you remember the good old school days when you shared lunch with your friends? Well, The Akshaya Patra Foundation brings you an opportunity to feel the same joy sharing lunch with its recently launched #iShareMyLunch campaign. This campaign gives you and all of us a chance to share our lunch with a school child for one entire school year by contributing just Rs. 950.

S.S. Rajamouli, the famed Director of the award winning Indian film Baahubali has already supported #iShareMyLunch campaign by sharing his lunch with 2,500 children for an entire year.

Rajamouli tweet - isharemylunch

School lunch is an important aspect of education. It positively impacts the health, concentration levels, and enthusiasm among children to actively participate in school activities. Studies have also indicated that school lunch has significantly increased school enrolment and reduced drop-out rate. School lunch also acts as an incentive for families from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds to send their children to school. More so, school meals instil confidence and determination among children that they will certainly be able to achieve their goals and dreams.

It’s time we all share our lunch with budding hearts. Click here to share your lunch! Akshaya Patra will use your contribution to provide nutritious, freshly cooked, tasty meals to school children for an entire year.

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Humans of Akshaya Patra – Ahmedabad Kitchen

Humans of Akshaya Patra

When most of us are fast asleep in the wee hours of the morning, there are few places bustling with energy. Each day at the strike of 4 a.m., different groups of people at different locations prepped up with safety and hygiene gears enter into huge kitchen infrastructures. Why? To prepare ‘meals of hope’ for children studying in government schools! And, so we call them the ‘Humans of Akshaya Patra.’

Meet some of our passionate members from Ahmedabad kitchen in Gujarat for whom the only aim is to benefit more and more children with freshly cooked, nutritious, and hygienic meals on every school day.


Since when have you been working in Akshaya Patra?
I have been working in Akshaya Patra for the past 9 years.

What was life like before you joined Akshaya Patra?
Prior to joining Akshaya Patra, I was working in Vimal Limited as a canteen helper.

What does your work encompass?
As a Route Supervisor, I am part of the post-production stage. I have to check the vehicle condition as per the standard checklist, accompany the driver and helper of the meal delivery vehicle, record food delivery time, vessel count, and ERP entry. My work also encompasses visits to allocated schools and interaction with teachers and headmasters.

Why do you think there should be a constant communication between Akshaya Patra and schools?
Regular communication between Akshaya Patra and schools is necessary to maintain the quality of the programme. It acts like an awareness and feedback mechanism, where Akshaya Patra can share hygiene and cleanliness instructions to be followed while serving meals to children at school, and schools can give feedback regarding the quality and quantity of meals.

How do you address issues put forward to you?
Every day we review the feedback provided by schools. This way, if any issue has been put forth by a school, it gets addressed in a timely manner.

How has your life changed after joining Akshaya Patra?
I am in a better position to provide for my family and that makes me happy.

What makes working with Akshaya Patra special?
Working with Akshaya Patra gives me a sense of satisfaction at the end of the day. I feel proud that in some way I am able to help so many children which probably wouldn’t have been possible if I was engaged in some other job.


Since when have you been working in Akshaya Patra?
I have been working here for the past 9 years.

Why did you choose to join Akshaya Patra?
I wanted to begin my career with a good and long-term job. During the interview, I got to know about Akshaya Patra’s service of providing food to children. I realised that by joining Akshaya Patra I will get an opportunity to work for a good cause. So, I chose to join the NGO and I am glad to have taken the decision.

What was life like before you joined Akshaya Patra?
I had completed my studies and was looking for a job.

As a kitchen supervisor, what does your work encompass?
As a kitchen supervisor, I ensure all team members work together and complete their respective tasks. I am responsible to maintain records related to production processes, and ensure adherence to ISO standards during the entire production of meals.

Why is it important that kitchen processes are in order and meals are cooked in a hygienic way?
The food we cook is consumed by school children. It directly impacts their health and development. So, it is essential that hygiene and orderliness are maintained in the kitchen during pre-processing, processing, and post-production stages of meal preparation.

How has your life changed after joining Akshaya Patra?
These nine years have made me more responsible. I feel good and satisfied for being able to provide for my family along with being able to improve lives of children in some way.

What makes working with Akshaya Patra special?
Working with Akshaya Patra will always be special because it is my first job. Along with my professional growth, Akshaya Patra gave me an opportunity to grow as an individual. And, what more when every day I get a chance to serve the children of the country!

Well, behind every great show, there are behind-the-scenes contributors. And, at Akshaya Patra, those contributors are our very own kitchen staff. Watch out this space to meet our passionate members from Telangana!

We would love to hear from you, so please use the below comment section to share your thoughts and feedbacks.

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