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Eleven-year-old Neeraj lives in a humble home in Badarpur, New Delhi with his parents, two siblings and grandmother. The recent past has been difficult. Neeraj and her family would frequently go without food as a result of her father’s struggles to find stable employment.

Recently, we, at Akshaya Patra, shared a mid-day meal with Neeraj at his school where he spoke about his dreams and aspirations. With the introduction of the Government’s Mid-Day Meal (MDM) Programme, Neeraj’s life has undergone a significant transformation. In addition to satisfying his hunger, Akshaya Patra also helps him dream for a better tomorrow.

Neeraj aspires to achieve great things in the future. He declares, “I want to be an Army Officer so I may help other people.” Because of the kindness of Akshaya Patra donors, Neeraj can dream of his future with hope that he can make it happen.

Mould Young Dreams
The lives of plants and children are comparable to one another. To obtain the greatest benefits, it requires ongoing care. But most of the time, we disregard this straightforward life principle where continual effort is required.

Children lack the energy to concentrate and study if they do not consume enough nutrient-rich food. The impact of hunger isn’t limited to the immediate reality of an aching empty belly. Research shows that children who suffer from nutrition insecurity or diet-related disease attain less education, experience more sick days, advance less in their careers, are forced out of the workforce earlier and die younger, with fewer of their dreams fulfilled.

Akshaya Patra strives to change this trajectory and see food become a part of what bends the arc towards justice for children who depend on us. With every meal we provide, we are trying to eliminate hunger in classrooms. With one nutritious meal every school day, students can focus on academics and pursue their dreams and aspirations.

Building Dreams. Building Tomorrow
Over the past two years, millions of families have struggled to put food on plates for their families. And with schools closed, many children lost their only access to nutrition in these years.

For underprivileged children and their families, healthy nutrition transforms their lives and gifts them the hope to regain their livelihood.

Saina studies in Class 6 in Government Girls Senior Secondary School, Badarpur, New Delhi. “I just want to go home from work every day and know I made a difference! I want to be a teacher because I want to be able to help mould and shape our future. I truly believe that children are our future and it is important that we provide them with the right information and tools to lead their lives in a positive way,” Saina says.

“How we impact the children we teach now, determines the outcome of our future and being able to be a part of history in a minuscule way is a very big deal,” she adds.

Naveen Eshnan in a 11-year-old, studying in Government Sarvodaya Bal Vidyalaya, New Delhi.
“I made the decision to enlist in the army because I desired a better life for my family and me. The benefits of being an Army Officer are numerous. Being an officer in the world’s best army is the best job I can imagine having. I have the opportunity to serve my neighbourhood and state in addition to my country as an officer in the Indian Army,” Naveen says.

Naveen is the eldest of five siblings. His father is a tailor and the only earning member of the family. This Class 7 student has an ailing grandmother who is looked after by his mother. He adds that the family struggles with money and that Akshaya Patra’s lunch is a glimmer of hope for him that inspires him to go to school. He thanks the NGO for the hot meals provided and also the Happiness Kits that were distributed during the pandemic.

“Because of the demanding nature of a soldier’s life and the fact that they do not live with their families, Defence is the finest choice for anyone who wants to serve their country. They do it without complaining. When there are natural disasters or calamities, they assist us. Since our country’s army men are defending us at the border, we can sleep peacefully today. Serving our country is an opportunity, not just a career option,” adds Naveen.

Jayanthi is a 13-year-old daughter of a farmer father and a homemaker mother. She wants to join the police force when she completes her academics. According to her, every country has its own rules and regulations, and these rules are made to maintain harmony in the country. Sometimes people neglect the rules and cause discomfort and disturbance to others. So, to have an eye on the society, the Government brought in Police Force. They are the Government bodies that maintain peace in society. They help people in different ways and never let people face any difficulty.

She adds: “A Police Officer has many responsibilities; one side they have to maintain peace in the society and on the other side they also have to catch the criminals. If the crime rate increases in a particular area, then they have to answer the higher authorities. Police are not those who remain in a police station and write your report. They also have to solve many cases and some unsolved murder mysteries. The challenges involved in the job inspire Jayanthi to follow her dreams of becoming a Cop.”

Children have big dreams and it is up to us to fulfil those dreams. You contribution of INR 2,500 to The Akshaya Patra Foundation ensures that a child has an access to a healthy breakfast and a nutritious lunch every school day. With each meal you provide, you are gifting the promise of a brighter tomorrow to a child.

Please continue to donate and support millions of children like Saina, Naveen, Jayanthi and Laxmi every day and encourage them to pursue their dreams. Contribute and avail a 50% tax exemption under Section 80G of the IT Act.

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