Your greatness is not what you have, but in what you give, said Alice Hawker.
This saying holds good even today. Charity means generosity in giving something to the needy out of kindness. This act could involve doing charitable acts at home or making charitable donations towards various NGOs. It is a widely believed notion that charity brings prosperity. Prosperity means a range of things that include:
• Spiritual growth
• Success
• Financial gain
• Profit in return
Involving in an act of charity generally means that apart from our own self, you help someone else’s life to get better. As one big society and family, we need to create a supportive environment for each other’s well-being.

What are the benefits of making a donation?
By contributing towards making someone’s life better:

• You change a person’s life completely – While you help those in need, you develop positive characters in yourself. When you support in relieving others from their struggles, you gain another perspective in life – a perspective in which you start understanding other’s struggles.
• You set an example for the next generation – Generosity can be a simple concept which can teach children to be a ‘giver’ and kind. When children grow up into being generous adults, a mature selfless is established where everyone takes care of each other. Children will know that giving their time, energy and actions without expecting anything in return is a high form of reward.
• You gain happiness and satisfaction for having changed lives – A study from Syracuse University in 2007, concluded that people who are likely to give, declare themselves to be more than non-givers.
How we treat other is how we would like to be treated ourselves. This is a golden rule of life that drives all of us to help others consistently.

What are the different forms of helping others?
There is no limitation to work towards the betterment of people. There are different ways in which one can do good. This can either be by donating in-kind towards a cause or by making online donations. There are millions of NGOs in India that are in need of charitable donations.
One such charity in India is The Akshaya Patra Foundation, which implements the Central Government’s Mid-Day Meal Programme.

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Benefits of donating to Akshaya Patra
Donating healthy meals to children helps them to grow into responsible citizens of tomorrow. It helps in:
• Overall physical and cognitive development of children.
• Increasing the attention span and ability to concentrate better in class.
• Decreasing school dropout rates.
• Increasing number of children enrolling in schools.
• Improving nutritional levels in children.

By giving them a well-deserved school life, you increase your chances of receiving goodness in your life. Apart from getting millions of good-wishes, you benefit monetarily with Akshaya Patra. This means that you gain tax exemption on every donation made towards Akshaya Patra’s cause. Give more to gain more happiness in your life.

Your donation can be the reason for millions of smiles

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