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A new mother or a nursing mother requires support in her daily life if she has to go out, do some activity and contribute to the household’s finances. Anganwadi centres play a crucial role in reducing stress and fatigue of the mother by contributing to their most important responsibilities of nurturing small children.

Anganwadi Programme – a part of Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS)
• Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) (which includes The Anganwadi programme) was launched on 2 October 1975 and is a national programme that addresses the needs of children below the age of six years.
• Anganwadi centres provide an integrated package of services including supplementary nutrition, basic healthcare and pre-school education.
• Since the health and nutritional needs of a child alone cannot be addressed in isolation from the mother, the programme also extends to pregnant and lactating mothers.

Importance of Anganwadi programme in India
Nutritional levels during the early stages of life directly impact the overall health and growth of children to support the important milestones of life. This programme also educates mothers about the importance of nutrition and health, enabling them to provide better care for their children.

• Accessibility and affordability to healthcare
To the rural population of India, getting the right healthcare facilities is a challenge. Most people are not even aware of the programme they can benefit from.

• Establishes social connections with community
These centres give the women a sense of involvement in the community. It gives them the opportunity to participate in things that they would not have been able to otherwise. In short, it gives them social time – to catch up with neighbours, attend functions or weddings and also helps them socialise with other women in the Anganwadi centres.

Eradicates malnourishment
Every child needs nutrition for healthy development. These essentials help them grow physically and mentally. When a child is well nourished right at a very young age, s/he is more likely to develop into a healthy adult.

• Gives access to Government programmes
Anganwadi workers become the main source of access to the Government’s scheme for rural people. With their help, mothers or parents become aware of the key health services and benefits.

In short, mothers feel less stressed that their child is well-taken care of. Many NGOs in India support the Government of India to run these Anganwadi centres. Most mothers do not have enough time to spare for their children. Plus, their husbands also work and do not have enough time for them. These centres allow them to have some free time for themselves.

Some of these centres are run with the generosity of donors who donate to feed the children coming from difficult backgrounds.

Akshaya Patra’s Anganwadi Feeding Programme
Having been a provider of mid-day meals to children, Akshaya Patra is well-aware of the significance of adequate nutrition in the growth and development of children. Hence, by initiating the Anganwadi Programme, the NGO in India aimed to feed the children and women in Anganwadi centres with nutritious meals daily.

Donate to NGOs that nourish children right from the early ages of childhood.

To ensure the beneficiaries receive the required quantity of nutrients every day, Akshaya Patra follows a cyclic and locally palatable Anganwadi food menu. This results in the inclusion of a variety of nutritious food items, taste while preventing monotony.

These meals that you donate to NGOs like Akshaya Patra:
• Provides required nutrition
• Supports age-appropriate growth
• Boosts immunity in the log-run
• Addresses health-related concerns
• Reduces mortality and morbidity rates in children.

Anganwadi Feeding Programme is a crucial intervention to ensure that every child receives a healthy start. Support women and little children for 300 days in a year, in the stages that require all nutritional needs for a better life with your contribution of Rs.1900. Donate to Akshaya Patra today to feed a mother and her child.

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