Gift a Tara: A creative collaboration between and Akshaya Patra

worldoo, an interactive online eco-system designed for children, has teamed up with Akshaya Patra! It is a platform for children (citizens of to read, watch videos, view pictures etc. and earn stars.

In its partnership with Akshaya Patra, developed the creative concept of ‘Gift a Tara’ whereby children can donate the stars they have earned to an underprivileged child. These stars which act as virtual currency on, can then be converted into real money and donated towards the cause of providing food for education to a hungry child in India.

Aside from being a noble cause, also helps children understand the need to be generous to those in need, and experience the pleasure of helping another human being. Being an interactive, educational, exciting platform, that is designed specifically to nurture the healthy development of children, empowers children to explore their world and contribute to making it better.

With millions of children having limited access to healthy food and education, the unique concept of ‘Gift a Tara’ attempts to bridge the gap between the economically secure and economically challenged children of India. explains to children that by the simple yet generous act of donating a few of their stars to the programme, they too can ‘be a Star.’

Akshaya Patra is glad to be associated with, and looks forward to the progress that can together be achieved in the cause of providing food for education to the young ones in need.

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